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norm03 lampshade

Updated on December 28, 2006

Normann of Copenhagen

The norm03 lampshade is a modern designed hanging light shade that ships as a simple and extremely well thought out self-assembled kit. The shade is made entirely of flat white plastic pieces. There are 18 strips of narrow plastic sheeting which get looped and tucked into 18 different curved structural ribs. The plastic strips thread into the ribs similar to the way a shoelace threads into your shoe. The finished looped ribs are then snapped into 2 separate plastic rings which radially orient the ribs and hold a hanging light-bulb (not provided). The video to the right gives a quick presentation of how the assembly happens and shot of the finished product.


It took about 2 hours to assemble the norm03 lampshade. The most tedious part of the assembly is threading the plastic strips into the vertical ribs. Each strip of plastic has thirty-one notched marks along the edge which must be inserted at each slit on the rib. Some of the notches on the plastic strips were very hard to see and then insert into the structural rib. If you end up buying one of these lampshades, make sure to do the assembly in a very well lit area. It took another 30 minutes to wire up a light-bulb and hang the light and shade. I had some spare electrical cable in the garage and purchased a light-bulb fixture and ceiling cap at the local hardware store.

Final notes

As a designer, I am extremely impressed with the concept and implementation of this lampshade kit. Once complete, this lampshade looks like it costs well over $500. If you have ever shopped around for designer lighting, you will know that it can be VERY expensive. The norm03 lampshade sells for right around $100 and is well worth it.

Normann of Copenhagen currently offers two other versions of this lampshade concept, named norm06 and norm69. The norm03 (pictured above) was designed in 2003 by Britt Kornum.

Here are a few links related to this lampshade:

Normann - Copenhagen Official website -this is where we bought the norm03 lamp. They have lots of beautiful, modern and classic designed products.

Unicahome - another great store that carries the norm03 and tons of other cool products.

MocoLoco - Modern contemporary design & architecture weblog (AWESOME)


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    • cityplus profile image

      cityplus 11 years ago from San Francisco

      Kathy, I haven't had to clean the lampshade yet. The strips are plastic, not paper, and I hope they don't yellow. I will probably clean the shade with compressed air to remove dust.

    • profile image

      Kathy 11 years ago

      How do you clean it? (of dust, etc)

      Also, can you recreate those strips once the paper starts to yellow?

    • vic profile image

      vic 11 years ago

      WOW. It sure is beautiful. It is pretty cheap too! Also, I don't care much for jewelry, but the knitted ring by Corina Rietveld of MocoLoco is truly creative. Thanks.