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The Horror of Moving

Updated on February 27, 2012

I stood in the garage looking at the broken foot of my karaoke machine, the rolling bookcase that was no longer usable, the shattered coffee table legs, the scratches on the leather sofa and thought out loud, "I hate moving." I have moved several times in the past year which is comical for someone who is rather stable and does not like to relocate, but situations arose that had me packed.

I have been thinking, how can the horror of moving be made easier for those who have a hard time with it? If you are one of the unlucky few, hopefully we can come up with something...

The key in all of my moves has been not to wait until the last minute. Though in your head you are probably thinking, "But of course! Why would I?" It is easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities and forget the necessities of moving, especially because it is not a pleasant thing to do.

Whether the relocation is large or small I have found that going through my belongings and making a Goodwill (or other charitable run) is always a must. I have a hard time getting rid of things as I always come up with a reason to keep something, "What that? Well, the handle could possible be used to stir something at some point in time...and I like the color." However, when I see five large boxes of things that I am no longer going to keep there is a sense of relief that I no longer have to take care of the items inside nor lug them to my next location.

Another thing I have discovered is to clean while you pack. I prefer my possessions to be dust free on a regular basis anyway, but you may not have an opinion on the subject. It makes it rather nice when you are unpacking in your new home and you don't have a string of dust bunnies flowing from the bottom of your retro lamp. You can concern yourself with where the items go, not with what the gooey substance is that looks like gum.

What about your mail? You will need to put in a change of address form at your post office, but did you know you can do it online for $1? Make sure you change your address with your banks, auto insurance provider, doctors, etc. The post office is not a rerouting solution.

I recommend doing tasks that you will not have time to do for awhile after moving in. Such as, getting a tune-up on your car (oil change, wheels aligned), because if you are moving out-of-state you are going to be busy unpacking, looking for entertainment and most likely working, and you will forget or keep putting it off.

How do you make time for it all? Everyday accomplish something. It's OK to stand in the room, look around at the mess you have created and say, "I hate moving." Listen to your favorite music, have a friend over to talk to, but ensure that you keep moving while they are there, don't sit down and stop packing.

I haven't found a way to cope with destroyed belongings yet, if I do I will let you know. I think Dora from Finding Nemo said it best, sometimes you just have to, "keep swimming, just keep swimming."


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