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Novelty Kitchen Timers

Updated on September 19, 2014

It's about time designers focused on one of the most underrated but useful of kitchen utensils....the cooking timer. Not only are these attractive and fun, but any kids around the house will love to use them, learning a mathematical and culinary thing or two in the process. Fits any décor and you'll love the "ding".

Wise ol' Kitchen Timer

Choose your ol' timer wisely, as these 60 minute timers will count each precious moment. This charming timing device has a little old lady vibe.

Combination Safe Lock Magnetic Kitchen Timer
Combination Safe Lock Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Combination Safe Lock Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Combination Safe Lock Kitchen Timer

Kitchen timer made to look like a safe lock

Magnetic - when on refrigerator looks like a lock

Measures 4" around

Kikkerland Ladybug Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Ladybug Kitchen Timer
Kikkerland Ladybug Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Ladybug Timer

* Ladybug kitchen timer

* Twist to set time

* 60 minutes

* Easy to take from room to room

* Measures 1-3/4-inches high by 2-1/4-inches diameter

Jo!e Whisky Analog Kitchen Timer

Whisky the egg has come to keep you company in the kitchen with this fun analog timer. Useful as well as decorative, it has a maximum time limit of one hour, and stands upright on the countertop. Simply rotate the body to set the desired time, and wait for the alarm. The face on the egg makes it great with kids, and your family and guests will have a chuckle.

Head Chefs 00947 Timer, True Blue

Head Chefs 00947 Timer, True Blue
Head Chefs 00947 Timer, True Blue

Head Chefs 00947 Timer, True Blue

For the young, and young at heart. Each vibrantly-colored Head Chef tool features bendable arms and legs, suction cup feet and a soft silicone body. The innovative design makes each full sized tool completely functional and enjoyable for everyday use. As more and more kids discover the joys of cooking these adorable tools will help families create memorable meals together while teaching the little ones the importance of nutrition and portions. Our adorable blue timer is ideal for the little chef in your life.

Norpro Chicken Timer

This charming chicken-and-chicks timer will brighten up your kitchen counter while it keeps your cookies, cakes, roasts, and casseroles from burning. The ringing tone will remind you to take your pie out of the oven or check your pasta on the stove. The timer works best when timing longer intervals--the chime is triggered mechanically, and units of less than 10 minutes don't trip the ringer accurately--but this timer is a cheery way to keep track of most kitchen tasks.

Chef Kitchen Timer Kitchen Accessories

This cute chef timer from Fox Run is not only whimsical but also a practical tool for any kitchen. The timer can be set for up to one hour and has a loud ring.

Dalla Piazza Retro Timer, Art Deco

Dalla Piazza Art Deco timer is retro-style with easy-to-read settings for up to 60 minutes. Attractive creme- colored dial with black numbers fits any kitchen décor. To set, wind alarm clockwise to 60, and turn back to desired minutes. Count-down function starts immediately and alarm rings when the time has elapsed. Made of heavy zinc alloy, chrome plated.

Global Décor Ice Cream Cone Kitchen Timer

Global Decor Ice Cream Cone Kitchen Timer
Global Decor Ice Cream Cone Kitchen Timer

Global Décor Ice Cream Cone Kitchen Timer

Keep track of cooking and baking times without having to remember to watch the clock! This ice cream cone timer is a sweet treat in the kitchen! Once time is up, a "ding" will sound off so you don't end up burning your food! Fun mechanical timer twists to count down minutes. 60 minute timer.

Polder Upscale Chicken Timer, Red

This upscale chicken timer boasts an iconic style. It is a 60 minute timer divided into one minute increments. Loud bell alarm.

Boston Warehouse Apple Pickin Timer

The Boston Warehouse Apple Pickin' series is designed as a celebration of a favorite fruit. This darling, hand painted timer looks like a basket of apples and will reliably keep track of those precious seconds in the kitchen. Measuring 3-1/2-Inch high by 3-Inch in diameter. From Boston Warehouse - creative ideas for home entertaining.

Alessi Josephine Banana Kitchen Timer

In collaboration with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, we proceed apace with the third collection in the "Orientales" series by Stefano Giovannoni. The family of "Banana" monkeys is being expanded, and in fact no less than seven new types have been added to the collection.

Flying Saucer 60 Minute Kitchen Timer by OGGI

This novelty 60 minute kitchen timer is shaped like a flying saucer. Just turn to the desired time.

Anna Time Kitchen Timer by Alessando Mendini

* Anna Time Kitchen Timer has style and quality

* Made of thermoplastic resin, chrome plated Zamak and 18/10 stainless steel

* A must have in all kitchens

* Mechanical movement has winding time of 60 minutes

Kitchen Timer: Green Owl Kitchen Accessories

Try this twist on a kitchen classic. Adorable Owl Kitchen Timer available in assorted colors. Colors based on availability. You can use this handy 60 minute timer to assist you and your household with timing matters. Cooking, testing, discipline (time-outs), practice sessions... You name it! When the time is up... You hear the alarm ... This Wise Owl will keep track of those minutes... up to one hour.

Progressive International Little Timer

This Progressive International manual little timer has large, easy to read number that make it simple to time any task up to 60 minutes. Its distinctive chrome plated design is made to look like an old fashioned alarm clock, which sets it apart from other timers. The alarm automatically turns off after the timer is finished.

Fried Egg Timer Kitchen One Hour Timer

Who wouldn't love a fried egg on their counter?

Kikkerland XL Magnetic Rotary Kitchen Timer

* Large numbers are easy to read

* Design by J-ounceeph Forakis

* Large dial is easy to operate

* Magnetic backing

* Square design

Koziol A-Pollo 2310521 Orange Grip Timer

Big Time. An XXL knob ensures easy handling and high visibility, so you can always keep your eye on time. The analog clock counts down a Big Time. An XXL knob ensures easy handling and high visibility, so you can always keep your eye on time.

Bengt Ek Design Cat Mechanical Timer, Black 14461800

Funky kitty Mechanical Timer, Black Cat 60 minute mechanical timer with a fun character

Did you like the Novelty Kitchen Timers?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Just a reminder to new users: You have to wind the timer to 60 and then back off the dial to your desired amount of time. Winding it to 60 is what makes the bell ring. If you don't wind it first, it won't ring and you'll think it's broken.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      how about a white west highland terrier?

    • tjustleft profile image

      tjustleft 5 years ago

      We haven't owned a kitchen timer in years but you have inspired me to get one. So many choices :)

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

      Never really considered them until now, thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago



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