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Novelty Shower Curtains - Where to Find Unique, Funny, Retro and Theme Shower Curtains

Updated on September 1, 2011

When it comes to novelty shower curtains, there are so many fun and unique curtains available that it was hard to limit it to just a few catagories.

There are novelty shower curtains that have famous characters like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis and there are also curtains that run a little on the dark side like the Psycho Shower curtain.

I've done my best to try and break these into proper categories. Here are a list of novelty shower curtains that will definitely have people sit up and take notice (well, let's hope not literally!)

  • Funny Shower Curtains
  • Scenic Travel Destination Shower Curtains
  • Funny Educational Shower Curtains
  • Famous Band and Music Inspired Shower Curtains
  • Famous Cartoon Character Shower Curtains
  • Theme Shower Curtains
  • Miscellaneous Retro, Funny, Unique and Novelty Shower Curtains

Funny Shower Curtains

Here are a bunch of funny shower curtains that will be sure to get your guests attention.

There are the curtains that run a little on the darker side like the psycho or bloody shower curtain or can be entertaining as well as educational like the curtains that display the Washington DC or New York City subway maps.

There are other fun ones like Jaws, Singing in the Rain, Police Tape and more!

Scenic - Travel Destination Shower Curtains

Show off the favorite places you've already been to or want to visit with these awesome scenic or travel destination shower curtains.

They come in simple black and white, which makes it very easy to color coordinate the rest of your bathroom while also showing off your unique destination preferences.

Places like Paris, New York City and so many other beautiful places that are inspiring for other great bathroom decor.

Funny Yet Eductional Shower Curtains

Perfect for a college dorm or for the studying student, here is a fun selection of unique but educational shower curtains.

Brush up on your Spanish, Italian, French or Chinese and learn to translate a new word every day with these fun language shower curtains, or study the world map, periodic table, or even the top 500 SAT words.

Famous Band, Album and Music Inspired Shower Curtains

Show off your favorite band with these unique shower curtains. Bands like KISS, Pink Floyd or AC/DC or simply decorate with a music theme such as Rock Band, or an entire bathroom accessory set revolving around a music theme.

There are many other band shower curtains available, Simply click on the Novelty Shower Curtain option below.

Famous Cartoon Characters Shower Curtains

For Cartoon fans young and old here is a great selection of Cartoon Character Shower Curtains to choose from.

Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Snoopy, Spongebob, and so many other great characters that will give your bathroom some fun and personality.

To see more great character and theme shower curtains available at great prices please visit Novelty Shower Curtains.

Theme Shower Curtains

If you want to let your personality shine through then themed shower curtains and themed bathrooms are the way to go.

Luckily there are many different themes to choose from such as: Duck Themes, Tropical Themes, Surfing Themes, Butterfly themes and many more.

See below or all of these options. Click on the blue link for larger pictures, descriptions and to purchase these unique shower curtains.

Novelty Shower Curtains - Even More Novelty Shower Curtains

As I said above, there are so many fun and unique novelty shower curtains available, it is difficult to put them all into catagories.

Here are a bunch of other fun shower curtains that will add tons of personality to your bathroom!

Famous People Shower Curtains

If you are a fan of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe or Famous Movie Stars, here are some unique shower curtains that you can display as well to show your dedication.


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