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Nursery Baby Bedding Sets

Updated on March 1, 2014

Bedtime Fun with these Nursery Baby Bedding Sets

Bedtime is fun time with your baby! So it's important to get the perfect nursery baby bedding set for your growing family. Playful colors, innovative designs, and comfortable fabrics are a perfect fit for any nursery. Baby bedding sets come in every color and tons of fun patterns, so you can find a theme that is unique to you.

However you want your nursery decorated, you'll definitely find a crib sheet, bumper, or comforter that will match what you envision. Set the perfect mood with colors that add comfort, get the right attitude with designs that are unique. Check a wide selection of baby bedding sets here and be the picky mom that you can be!

Featured Image: Lambs & Ivy 5 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set, Hello Kitty and Friends

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Pink & Brown Nursery Decor - Add Fun to Your Nursery

Pink and brown are a great color combination that is a litlte bit unexpected. The pattern on this crib bedding set is simple, with just flower accents. A crib bedding set doesn't have to be too busy! Crib sheets like these will give you the opportunity to bring interest to your nursery through accessories.

Lamb & Ivy Crib Bedding Set - Decorate with Hello Kitty and Friends

This five piece set features a comforter, bumper, dust ruffle, fitted sheet and diaper stacker. One of the great parts is that there are tons of matching accessories available for the set, so you can completely design your nursery with little effort.

Jungle Themed Nursery Baby Bedding Sets

What little boy's room wouldn't look adorable with a jungle theme? The elephant, giraffe, and monkey on this nursery baby bedding set make a cute combination.

Nursery Baby Bedding Sets on Amazon

Haven't seen what you are looking for yet? Check out these great crib bedding sets! There really is crib bedding set for every taste and style and they make decorating a snap. Many of these bedding sets also have matching accessories that you can purchase. If you've always wanted a stylish nursery, a crib bedding set like one of these will give you a finished look.

Don't Forget the Extra Crib Sheets! - Multiple sets of linens makes clean-up easier

Having extra sets of crib sheets around is definitely a good idea. You can buy a spare set of the same sheets from your nursery baby bedding set, or look for other complimenting colors. This will give you an easy way to change the look of the room (and keep things clean and tidy). Pick up an extra set here!

Nursery Baby Bedding Sets on eBay - Hurry and Bid on These Nursery Baby Bedding Sets

There are many sellers on eBay who sell new bedding sets, and many of them offer great price deals. If you are decorating on a budget, consider keeping an eye on these eBay auctions for great ideas.

Buy the Matching Accessories - Place a bid of these accessories!

Having the crib set up is only step one to your nursery. Getting the matching accessories will give you a completed look. Take a look at these current eBay auctions for some great ideas. Gently used home decor is a great way to put together a beautiful room without spending a ton of money.

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      CreativeGal 5 years ago

      No -- they are beautiful though -- more for the parents than the babies!