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Make the Nursery Special with a Mural

Updated on April 28, 2015

More than just a room.

When a sweet little baby is on the way, all minds turn to preparing for the big arrival. You'll want to have plenty of diapers and wipes on hand as well as the baby layette for baby to cuddle in.

When thoughts turn to the nursery décor, you'll start picking out furniture and maybe even paint samples. When considering your nursery theme, why not add a mural painting to the walls to make it really come alive?

Flickr Photo Credit: storymom

Soft and Sweet

Flickr Photo Credit: ooh_food
Flickr Photo Credit: ooh_food

Mural Inspiration - Check out these books for great Mural ideas!

Flickr Photo Credit: Mountain/\Ash
Flickr Photo Credit: Mountain/\Ash

To Hire or Not to Hire?

You can either opt to do the mural yourself or hire an artist to paint it for you.

If you want to hire an artist, there are plenty around who take commissions such as nursery walls. Find them online by typing in "local mural artist" and include your state or town in the search as well.

Once you locate an artist, give him or her a call. Ask how many nurseries they've done before. Set up a time to meet and ask that she bring her portfolio. You'll want to see pictures of previous murals she's done.

Make sure you like the style you see as that's what you'll be getting too. If you like what you see, talk about prices for a full wall or full room mural. Make sure you get a contract signed by both of you and agree that the nursery will be completed well before your due date. You want all paint fumes aired out well before baby arrives.

Bring the Outside In!

Flickr Photo Credit:  meemal
Flickr Photo Credit: meemal
Flickr Photo Credit:  macwagen
Flickr Photo Credit: macwagen


If, however, you have a creative streak, you may want to tackle the project yourself. Today there are many resources for wall art to make your job easy.

First, decide on a theme for your mural. Jungle animals are popular as are cars and puppies or cats. Ballerinas might be nice for a girl's room and airplanes for a boy's room. It all depends on the personality you want to infuse into the room.

Next, search online for clip art in the designs you like. So if you are doing a jungle scene, find line art drawings of lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, etc.

Print out the images and enlarge them as big as you can get them on a copier. You may want to take them to a copy shop that has blueprint capabilities. They can copy your images to the biggest size they make and they'll be just perfect for your walls.

Another way to you can get the images on the wall is a projector. Look below for my product recommendation.

Project your images right onto your wall!

Art and patterns can be enlarged up to 10 times onto a wall or easel for quick and easy tracing and viewing. Create murals signs paintings and more.

Favorite Storybook Characters

Flickr Photo Credit:  ladybugbkt
Flickr Photo Credit: ladybugbkt
Flickr Photo Credit:  storymom
Flickr Photo Credit: storymom

Apply the Designs

Tape the images onto the walls with masking tape which removes easily. Play around with placement. Don't forget to include windows and doors in the design.

You can paint the door and paint a canopy over it or include the windows as part of a tent.

When you have all the images where you want them, you're going to trace them onto the walls. Use saral paper. It's found in artist supply stores and online. This paper has a blue or charcoal backing like carbon paper of old. You'll place it blue side down between your art and the wall. Now trace your animals and every piece of art you want to transfer to the walls.

Take your time with this. Now is the time to rearrange if you don't like the order of things.

Saral Tracing Paper

Artists and designers use transfer papers under finished tracings to transfer the image to illustration board or other opaque surfaces. Each sheet may be used several times.

Get Mural Inspiration from Youtube

Mural Poll

If you were going to do a Mural in Baby's Room, would you hire out or do it yourself?

See results
Flickr Photo Credit: storymom
Flickr Photo Credit: storymom

Finishing Touches

After the designs are on the walls, take your time painting them. Get small samples from the paint store so you can try out your colors and dab on details without investing a huge chunk of change. If you want to switch out any colors, just paint over them.

Add details like little bugs flying onto flowers and hidden animals that will be fun to search out with baby later on.

For the final touches, include a sky and clouds up near the ceiling. That will give the mural a feeling of height. And if you're adventurous, you can even paint the ceiling blue.

Finish the décor with pillows, baby blanket and curtains that all coordinate with the mural theme. You'll be proud as you sit back and admire your work.

Add a Personal Touch

A great finishing touch to your mural is a personalized room sign or decal. Add your child's name to a design that coordinates with your mural. A great place to place these are above their bed, on their door or above a dresser.

Have you ever considered a Mural? - Stop by and say "Hi"!

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    • ACDuncan profile image

      ACDuncan 4 years ago

      I love this idea!!!

    • sue826 lm profile image

      sue826 lm 4 years ago

      I did a mini-mural on the basement wall in my parents basement. It was in my mom's second kitchen area and I did the Pillsbury dough boy. It was fun but was basement quality for sure.

    • Elis173 profile image

      Elis173 4 years ago

      Great ideas!

    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 6 years ago

      What a beautiful lens with so much great information. Love the useful videos! My friend had the cutest Winnie the Pooh mural painted in her child's nursery. I'm not talented enough to do it myself so hiring a professional would be the way I'd go. Such a fun lens!

    • kimmer1491 profile image

      Kim 6 years ago from Big Lake, MN

      OMG, these are beautiful! My best friend from high school used to paint murals in nurseries (and other rooms) for a living, now she stays home with her babies - in their mural bedrooms! I would never try this myself, would have to leave it to the professionals. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!

    • squid-pinkchic18 profile image

      squid-pinkchic18 6 years ago

      These are such fun ideas! I would definitely think about doing a mural in the baby's room, it'd be so sweet! Great lens!

    • profile image

      dessertlover 6 years ago

      I have always wanted a mural in my son's room. But as he gets older (he's 9), it seems more and more impossible because he is interested in EVERYTHING!