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Price quote over the phone for cleaning service?

Updated on April 11, 2012

Price quote over the phone for cleaning service?

It is best to give a proper quotation in writing on your company letterhead after inspecting and measuring the cleaning site. You can fax, email, and etc. However from time to time, a customer might ask you to give a price quote over the phone.

When you are giving a quotation over the phone, these are a few points that you should keep in mind.

1: Your company is offering a fixed base price as a special promotion. For example, some carpet cleaning companies might offer $99.00 per room or $299.00 for a standard 3 bed room home.

If you did not specify the rules of exceptions you could lose your customer. So make sure to let the customer know that price quote is only an estimation based on standard size (for example 10x10) rooms or carpeted areas of the home. Also the price could change, if there are exceptional conditions to the type of carpet and special situations such as many color stains on carpet or terrible odor problems, etc.

So leave yourself open for possible situations where you might have to charge a higher price that you have quoted over the phone and explain why there is difference in pricing.

2: Price quote based on customer’s information over the phone. Sometimes the customer would call your company and ask to give a quotation over the phone based on information that he provides. For example, a customer calls and wants a quote on a strip and wax for his office tile floor and it is about 3000 square feet. The situation is similar to the carpet cleaning quotation. You can’t give an accurate price quote based on customer’s information. You must tell the customer that price quote is estimation only and you have to give him a written quote after you have seen the actual location of the job site. By doing this, you can save losing a future customer.

3: Repeat customer on a same facility, doing the same cleaning again.

If you have a repeat customer who is asking you to do the same special onetime carpet cleaning or strip and wax on the same facility and doing the same thing, there should be no problem giving the same price quote again as before unless your price has gone up for some reasons. It is up to you if you want to give a price quote over the phone. However, if you want to do it professionally, giving a proper written quote on your company letterhead is the best way to keep your professional company image.

If you really want to make sure of your of price quote, check the cleaning site again to make sure that there are no changes or special situations that you might have to deal with to increase or even discount the price before making your written price quote.

It is always best to give a price quote and confirm the price by using your company quotation sheet.


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