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Old Hickory Wool Throw Blanket by Pendleton

Updated on September 26, 2014

Old Hickory Wool Throw Blanket

With its soft forest colors and pine tree design this version of the Old Hickory Wool Throw Blanket is a great reminder of the Alaskan woods. This design comes in two colors - you can choose from Dawn with brown binding and tan base color or Midnight that has black binding and is an overall shade of grey.

The one featured here is reversible and has a distinct design of trees, canoes, bears and even moose. A red geometric pattern sets it all off.

These blankets are made in Oregon USA and they come with a label verifying that they are Old Hickory Genuine Original by Pendleton. There are many variations on the Old Hickory blanket and they are all worth a look.

Old Hickory Product Features

This product comes in two color variations. The one featured below is Midnight. It's darker than the alternative Dawn which has a tan background and a lighter colored felt binding. It can work as a straight throw or a blanket for the bedroom - or both!

I personally think it's too special to hide away in the bedroom. I want to add a little rustic charm to my living space.

  • Measures 62x68 inches
  • 100% wool
  • Would make a Great Christmas gift
  • Adds rustic style to your décor
  • Made in USA
  • Comes with stitched on label to guarantee Pendleton quality

Enhance Your rustic Décor

Blankets don't get a lot of online reviews but the main thing to take away from the comments offered is that this is a 'throw blanket' designed to complement your décor.

Treasure this one for its warmth and beautiful crisp patterning.

  • Use as a warm throw
  • Great rustic charm in the design

All the charm of the Alaskan woods captured in warm wool.

See Fabulous Historic Photos from Pendleton

Did You Know...

There was a US President who went by the nickname of Old Hickory?

He was the 7th President of the United States (in office 1829 - 1837). His name was Andrew Jackson and according to Wikipedia he was nicknamed 'Old Hickory' because of his toughness and aggressive personality; he fought in duels, some fatal to his opponents.

He was a rich slaveholder, who appealed to the common men of the United States, and fought politically against what he denounced as a closed, undemocratic aristocracy. He expanded the spoils system during his presidency to strengthen his political base.

The term 'Old Hickory' is also applied to a style of furniture.

Pendleton Badlands Blanket

Pendleton Badlands National Park Blanket, Full
Pendleton Badlands National Park Blanket, Full

Similar colors to Old Hickory in beautiful wide stripes.


What do you think about the Old Hickory Throw Blanket?

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      i like it a lot! nice lens!