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An Olivia Book Theme Bedroom

Updated on August 4, 2014

Get Olivia's Room for your Little Girl

Does your daughter love the Olivia line of books and the cartoon? Do you love Olivia's minimalist pink bedroom? Olivia is a great role model for our daughters. She is brave, bold and has a vivid imagination. Her bedroom is an unmistakable mix of pink, red and graphic black accents. A perfect compromise between a little girl craving a pink and red bedroom, and a parent with a minimalist, modern design aesthetic. Just what you would expect for a little girl whose dad is an architect!

Follow along to find all of the elements you need to create your own Olivia bedroom for your little girl

Olivia's Cheval Mirror

A grown-up touch for dress-up fun!

What little girl would not love this full length cheval mirror to check herself out while playing dress-up? This full length mirror would complement any girls-room decor with its white finish, and is the perfect piece to grow up with your little girl.

Amazon's Best Selling Cheval Mirror in White Finish

Stripe It Rug, 5 by 8-Feet, Black White

Here is the rug you have been looking for to set the tone for your little girls Olivia room. It has the quality of a Surya rug, and the durability that you can only get from an indoor/outdoor braided rug. This rug will stand the test of time, and whatever else your little girl may throw at it - or spill on it.

Olivia Wall Decals - A Bold Impact for a Small Price

Wall decals are the best way to make a big impact for a small price in your child's bedroom. Decals go up easily and can be removed when your child grows out of them with no damage to your walls. Much better than painting on a mural!

Olivia Giant Wall Decals

Phat Tommy Monster Box Toybox

Want the footlocker look for your child's room, but the safety features of a toy box? Look no further. The Phat Tommy Monster Box Toybox is what you need. This toy box has a soft close lid, ensuring that it will never slam on your child's fingers, discrete air holes for ventilation, and a durable exterior. Available in multiple colors, including black and hot pink, this is the perfect accent for Olivia's room and will hold all the costumers and art supplies your little girl needs. Now all you need are the travel stickers to decorate it with!

Vintage Travel Stickers for Your Steamer Trunk

Here are the stickers you need to decorate your vintage steamer trunk toy box. Your child will have fun using these stickers and learning about all the places she may visit someday.

The Room is Not Complete Without an Easel

Olivia loves art and loves to paint. So no Olivia room is complete without an easel! Check out the options below for an easel to delight your little girl and get her creativity flowing.

Olivia or Madeline? - Which Children's Heroine fits Your Daughter's Personality Best?

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