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Omni Dual Saw In Australia Review

Updated on July 18, 2014

An Australian Review

I am by no means an experienced handyman. In fact I feel quite intimidated by high speed power tools. But, the dual-saw looks like a safe device to use for little jobs around the house and for craft projects. Some potential projects I can envision for this power tool include cutting a pet access door in our back door as well as cutting glass bottles and cans for craft projects. Or it could even be a good Christmas present for my husband. After seeing it advertised on Television I decided to see if it is worth the money or not. I would also love to hear your comments on this saw as well.

Inventor Of Duel Saw
Inventor Of Duel Saw

What Is The Omni Dual Saw?

The dual saw first appeared as a new invention on a Discovery Channel television program called Pitch Men, hosted by Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan. The episode first aired on April 22, 2009. The actual episode is below if you are interested.

The Dual Saw was invented by a former French firefighter and was born out of a personal tragedy. His firefighter friend lost an eye during a rescue when using a traditional circular saw - the saw "kicked back" and hit his friend in the head. He spent the next 10 years and his entire life savings developing the product.

The central technology is two counter rotating blades moving in opposite directions. This prevent "kick backs" and also produces less sparks so it "supposedly" won't ignite gasoline and other material as readily as a traditional saw would - another boon for firefighters.

Billy and Anthony called the product "a home run" and helped produce and promote all the infomercials we now see. There is a picture above right showing the inventor using the dual saw to cut a tin can in his hand to demonstrate the lack of "kick back" when cutting.

See Original First Pitch Of Dual Saw By The Inventor

This is the Episode from Discovery Channel Pitch Men, showing the Dual Saw inventor demonstrating his device for the first time.

Dual Saw Customer Reviews

Customers loved the dual saws multipurpose blade for cutting multiple types of materials, especially for cutting corrugated iron and sheet metal. They also loved the lack of kickback and it's clean cutting - "leaving practically no burrs".

A common complaint about the dual saw is that the cut depth is only about 1 inch, however larger blades can be purchased as assessories.

The blade teeth do not last that long especially when you cut a lot of hard steel.

There is no guide with the saw so it takes practice to cut straight lines despite what the infomercial shows.

WARNING: When cutting metal the saw does generate a lot of hot chips in both directions tangential to the cut. The hot chips are known to be thrown for up to 30 meters, so make sure you wear safety glasses and keep bystanders well away. It's also extremely noisy so you will probably need ear muffs. So despite the claims the dualsaw still does generate "hot chips" and was supposedly rejected by the Australian fire department for this reason.

Buying The Dual Saw From Amazon

If you live in the US you can buy the dual saw from Amazon substantially cheaper than you can in Australia at around $90 US. In Australian you are looking at more than double that at around $263.95 AU.

If you live in Australia you can get around this by using an American mail redirection service and getting them to redirect orders from Amazon. I personally use MyUS for my American online shopping. Be Warned, it will be a pain and cost you money to return items if you have problems.

Cheaper Alternatives To The Omni Dual Saw

As far as I can tell the Omni dual saw is not an original invention. Sears have been selling the Craftsman Twin Cutter Electric Saw at around $110 for years. A picture of it appears on the right. It's been around since 2004. So I am not sure how Omni can claim their technology is unique.

If you live in Canada, Canadian tire sell the Mastercraft Twin Cutter at around $200 Canadian. It has good reviews, and based on the video reviews it's pretty robust. Too bad it is only available in Canada.

For those of us in Australia there is the The True Blue Twin Blade. Has anyone got one? Let me know in the comments below if they are any good.

If you are after professional dual blade saw then take a look at the RIGID Twinblade Saw. It has more power and bigger blades than the other saws mentioned above.

Dual Saw Infomercial

Here is an infomercial for the dual-saw with most of the hype removed. Just the facts.

Does The Dual Saw Really Work?

Star Reviews gave an independent review of the device with a variety of materials. It does seem quite capable and quite compact. It is definitely not a commercial quality power tool, but is a good solution for quick odd project around the house. But the high price is the kicker.

Would You Purchase The Omni Dual Saw?

Let us know if you would buy the dual saw

See results

What do you thing of dual saws and twin blade technology? Is it a gimmick or does it work? Please help others by leaving your comments below.

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