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Plants Along My Path - Poems about Plants

Updated on September 14, 2014

Poetic Discourses On Plants

The plants have many things to teach us

Below is some of my original poetry that pays homage to plants of all kinds. There are also books for you to read to learn about the growing and tending of plants.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission


Slender tentacles reaching

Groping for a solid hold

When unanchored they're beseeching

Asking for permission, bold

In the winter these die back

Looking dead upon the walls

As the sunlight, warmth do lack

Nature knows, the growth it stalls

Now in spring the growing spurt

And the twisting lengths progress

Reaching, reaching, they assert

Into a crevice, into a recess

Let Us Learn From Plants

Let us learn from plants

Rooted as they are

Still living life's dance

Both near and afar

Whether in a kept garden

Or willowy and wild

Plants don't beg our pardon

But would like if we smiled

The Spider Plant

The spider plant parents

By sending baby shoots

That can be cut from momma

And planted to grow roots

In Our Sunroom

In our sunroom my husband keeps our plants

There must be about 50 to which we gave a grant

We have ivies and palms and others I can't name

And we would make more room if another came

Centipedes in the Soil

We had centipedes in the palms' soil

They'd crawl to the surface for the sun

In another land they'd be fried in oil

But now I don't see any; they're gone

Lilacs from My Garden

Lilacs are Blooming

Lilacs are blooming this month of May

In fragrant cones about the bush

The fragrance makes me rather gay

The rest of summer they're green and lush

If you've a garden and are able

Snip some lilacs for your table

Else enjoy them on your stroll

Inhale deeply to soothe your soul

Discover the Many Trees and Plants at

Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins

in Lyons, Colorado

Plentiful is the Harvest

Plentiful is the harvest when tended with care

When given of sun and water and air

When the soil is rich of what plants need

And the farmer has sown of the finest seed

Planter Pots

Planter pots are waiting to be filled

With what had been in the ground once tilled

In shapes and colors for every taste

Fill them for your pleasure today; make haste


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