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Why Open Houses Are Still En Vogue in Today's Real Estate Market

Updated on October 21, 2016

We're quick to think that because of the digital age, what with online viewing, photos, IMs and even Facebook, that there's no longer any value to actually physically going to see a house for review of the rooms and overall space. On the contrary....

Open Houses Are Still Quite Relevant in Today's Market, for a Lot of Reasons

As a prospective buyer, you have a right to take your own pictures at an open house provided you follow some important steps, and those pictures you take will be priceless. There's no substitute for seeing the home on your own and looking for every nook and cranny, the parts of the house arguably a real estate agent will try to downplay and only highlight the strengths for the sake of selling.

That's the name of the real estate game. Even photos you find online won't give you the entire story. Even a virtual tour won't give you the entire story! You have to take advantage of those open houses out there. Not just so you can see the house -- but so you can take 'notes' (in other words, your own pictures) to ensure you make the best possible decision.

It's a Cutthroat Real Estate Market -- Use Those Open Houses to Your Advantage

You're not left to succumb to the whim of a home seller or realtor. You do have some best practices as a home buyer to ensure you get the best possible deal. Don't downplay the open house. It's worth your time. Guaranteed.


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