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Orange Trumpet Creeper

Updated on August 14, 2013

The Flame Vine

This vine reminds me of my Dad. He was a keen gardener and had one of these growing over an arch leading to the side of the garden. I loved it's brilliant colors and the beautiful show it made. His garden was in Africa but the vine is a native of South America.

While I have seen this vine growing in New Zealand it was when I lived in Auckland which would have a great climate for the Flame Vine. As we have frost in Christchurch the climate is not conducive to this plant.

Many plants become pests when taken to other parts of the world. However New Zealand has not noted this as a weed but many comments from people in certain areas in the USA say it is invasive. Therefore I suggest checking in your local area if the plant is right for your area of the universe!

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Other Names:

Its Scientific name is Pyrostegia venusta. Common names are flame vine, golden shower, Chinese cracker flower, belas (Brazil), orange trumpet vine and trumpet creeper,

I had always known this as golden shower but this will be the last reference to that name you will find here. Looking up the words on Google brought up some questionable material as it appears to have another meaning in many parts of the world. Sorry, I won't elaborate!

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An Arch or Arbor

Arboria Astoria Garden Arbor Cedar Wood Over 7ft High Pergola Design With Lattice Panels
Arboria Astoria Garden Arbor Cedar Wood Over 7ft High Pergola Design With Lattice Panels

Made of western red cedar this arch (arbor) is made in the USA. It is easy to assemble, well made and sturdy. Just what flame vine needs. This is similar to the one in my Dad’s garden.

Imagine this lovely orange vine cascading over the arbour and leading to a special part of your garden. Perhaps you could put a path leading through the gap and sending the stroller to a place of peace and quiet! The Golden Gate!


Build Your Own Pergola

Build a Pergola Hardware Kit and Stencil
Build a Pergola Hardware Kit and Stencil

You will need a pergola or arch to adorn with your orange trumpet. The easy instructions make this simple to assemble and it ‘takes the guesswork’ out of designing. You will need a jigsaw and drill but this comes with wooden stencils so can be used for other projects.


Growing Conditions

The vine is an evergreen climber with coiled, thread-like tendrils growing from the tip of some of the bright green leaves. Flowering in winter they add a warm touch to a winter garden.

They are warm climate plants and do not like frost. They apparently grow well in coastal gardens with shelter from cold winds. Otherwise they are hardy and low maintenance. It is important to keep them pruned so they do not get out of control and pruning encourages new growth.

Photo Credit

Although a popular plant for the garden in many part of the world, in Brazil the leaves of Pyrostegia venusta are used in traditional medicine for treating diarrhoea.

The vine is native to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. In 1815 Admiral Sir John Beresford first illustrated the plant in a painting which appeared in an edition of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, UK.

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