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How to Pick an Orange Juice Machine? And why...

Updated on March 29, 2010
Organic Orange Juicer Machine
Organic Orange Juicer Machine

Orange is a popular and well known fruit from south Asia. It is often used for cakes, juices and cocktails alike and is well known for containing high amount of vitamin C. If you were thinking about introducing more fruit to the family table then the best way of doing so is probably an orange juicer machine.

Kids like orange. It is one of those fruits they eat without pulling their mouth. Banana is the other, but bananas are hard to squeeze into a juice. Orange juicers range from simple plastic squeezers that utilize no automatics what-so-ever to the self-supporting squeezer machine that chills, peels and spin drains the fruit at the push of a button.

Buying an automatic orange juicer is a commitment so before getting your purse think about it for a second. Will you use the machine daily or just once in a while? The less often you're going to take it out from under the sink the cheaper model is the better choice. You can use it to squeeze oranges, lemons and grapefruits but the most common use is orange because it is what kids like the best.

Stainless steel models cost a bit more but they are money well spend none-the-less. A steel juicer is easy to take apart and easy to clean. These won't rust either and with smooth sanded finish they look really nice on the counter top. Other models are made of combination of plastic and steel components, these may give a cheaper look but will get the job done just as well.

It is highly recommended to get at least some type of appliance that allows you to squeeze lemons and oranges because they are one of your daily five. Not only they're tasty but are high on vitamin C which is known to lower the risk of cancer and supports immune system. Orange juices off the supermarket shelves promise the same but they almost always contain added sugar or preservatives.

If you don't want to spend too much on it I suggest you get a plastic lemon squeezer. You will have to peel and halve the fruits but they are cheap and if you don't make many cups of juice a day they are a good fit.

Whichever type orange juicer machine you may choose, always make sure to pick one with a long warranty in case something happens or rusting. Also make sure you always clean the machine after use as it prolongs the life expectancy of it.

Photo used is taken by goldberg


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