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Organic Container Gardening Tips

Updated on November 17, 2010

Organic Container Gardening

Choosing the proper container should be your first mission. I have been growing container gardens for most of my life. As a kid we would find interesting containers on the curb that we would drag home and plant various plants in.

I was always obsessed with growing food. My grandfather grew a huge organic garden when I was growing up. The food that came from that garden was always the best.It was fresh and he was to cheap to use chemical fertilizers.

I learned to grow strawberries in containers on my porch,I learned quick the type of container that was productive for me to use. It really depends on what type of plant you are going to grow and how often that it will require care.

If you are unable to water often then find a bigger pot to grow in. Small plant medium pot equals less watering. You can grow in almost any vessel. Use common sense, make sure you aren't using a container that was used to store something toxic in. Certainly you can buy containers almost anywhere but I like to recycled things.

Right now I found a few coolers on the side of the road that were mostly useless for coolerizing. So I decided that I would use that for my organic container garden. Drilled a few holes in the bottom lined the bottoms with some good rocks for drainage and there you have it.

Ok I have been growing plants for a long time and lots of the people who grow say that I cheat because I don't often start my own seeds. I buy the plants and plug them into my organic container garden. Yes I am eating way before they are.

Trick number two is these days there are plenty of companies that make organic soil so you don't have to mess with very much.

One of the best organic soils that I have used is Fox Farm and Black Gold both of these soils have enough food for your plants that you probably will not even have to buy any organic fertilizer for your plants. If you do buy Fox farm and take all the guess work out of your organic gardening. You will grow an great garden with there products

Organic Container Garden

My container garden
My container garden

Recycled Containers

Ok here is one of my container gardens. I told you that I cheat and buy the plants from a farmers market. Get some good dirt plant them and water the plants as needed. Certainly you can come up with plenty of creative ideas to grow plants ! Yes make some holes for drainage and poof you are eating Bak Choy!

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