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Developing Good Organic Gardening Soil

Updated on March 29, 2011

Organic Gardening Soil

You may not believe organic garden soil is just like typical gardening soil.  If that's the case, you are regretfully wrong and have to get the facts about organic gardening soil. The details outlined here will allow you to obtain a greater expertise in the reality of good soil for the organic gardener .

The main misunderstanding the majority of beginner organic gardeners have got about garden soil is that everything can grow in every type of soil. Beginners think all they need to do is place a handful of seeds in the ground and the garden grows itself. That kind of simplified thinking has to be eliminated.

What needs to be taken under consideration is the typical annual weather conditions that may have an effect on the soil. Among the considerations would be things like rainfall, prevailing winds, hot and cold temperatures, and amounts of sunlight.

Next thing to consider will be the denseness of the earth's soil.  An illustration of poor density of soil is when it is so tightly compressed that it permits no flow of air or moisture through it. Effective organic gardening soil has to be loose, having exceptional air and moisture circulation capability. However, there are steps you can take if the soil is actually overly compact.

It is possible to bring in earthworms and let them loosen the soil.  However, the earthworms do take their time to produce their wonders and they tend to escape from the designated garden design easily. Still, there exists an easy answer to this problem and it can quickly assist in improving your garden soil.

It is possible take a shipping trip to the neighborhood garden center or home improvement store, and there buy organic gardening soil by the bag or possibly by the truckload. A lot of organic and natural home gardeners will place this kind of gardening soil over their own dense earth and immediately plow it under with the regular earthen soil, mixing the two. Nevertheless, this process requires that there must be three to six inches of organic gardening soil on top of the earth before plowing. The good thing about this process is that when you start repeating this over a number of planting seasons, it will soon bring the life back into the original compressed earth.

One more suggestion for your organic gardening soil is to maintain the appropriate amounts of acidity, nitrogen, and phosphates in your garden soil. Sometimes it is called the pH factor of the soil. It really is quiet easy to purchase some sort of soil test kit online. Still, the finest strategy to analyze the type of gardening soil that you have is to take a soil sample to your local county agriculture agent or to the neighborhood garden center. For a small charge or for free they are going to let you know everything you should be aware of about your type of gardening soil.

Along with giving you details regarding your garden soil they are able to also inform you about the ideal sort of plants which will grow in your particular soil. Additionally, they are the best resource for further recommendations on developing a flourishing organic garden.

The strategies presented are only a handful of the factors concerning your organic gardening soil that are significant. To completely succeed in your gardening you need to keep on expanding your knowledge.

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Your Organic Gardening Soil Tips and Thoughts

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    • profile image

      The Dirt Farmer 

      9 years ago

      You're so right--having loose soil is so important. Thank heavens for raised beds! As long as I can keep from stepping in them, they make till-less gardening possible. Good, sensible hub! I really enjoyed it.


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