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Eco Friendly Organic Mattresses

Updated on July 25, 2016

Do you need an Eco-Friendly Organic Mattress?

Organic mattresses - bedding for our future and the generations to come. Every day more and more people are taking a look at their lives, analyzing their carbon footprint and making changes to make their lives more "green" and more in sync with their morals and values. You may have started reducing your impact on the environment by purchasing organic foods, switching to organic methods to care for your lawn or garden, or switching to natural cleaners in your home, but have you considered the place that most of us spend 1/3 of our lives?

Organic Mattresses are becoming the latest "green" trend, but an eco-friendly mattress is not just good for the environment. Every day more studies are released about the harmful effects of the chemicals in our lives. Traditional Mattresses are treated with fire retardant chemicals to make the mattress less flammable. Supposedly this will make us safe in our own beds, but have you ever considered the dangers of inhaling these chemicals or absorbing them through our skin, night after night?

80,000 Chemicals are on the Market Today

That turns into 42 billion pounds of potentially toxic chemicals in our environment. Thanks to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) many of these chemicals have no safety testing and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

The EPA cannot gather enough information to even begin to prove the dangers of these chemicals, thanks to the tremendous protections this law has granted to the chemical manufacturers.

Chemicals and Disease Rates

Since 1975 Breast Cancer rates have risen more than 30% in women and men.

In 1999 1 in 500 kids had Autism, today 1 in 88 kids have autism.

Over the past 45 years we have seen tremendous increases in disease rates:

Childhood Brain Cancer has increased 38%

Asthma has increased 80%

Leukemia in Children has increased 74%

Early Onset Puberty has increased 55%

ADHD has increased 53%

In this same time period, chemical use has gone up 2000%. Toxic Chemicals in our environment, as well as poor food choices, are stealing our health. If you would like to learn more about what you can do to protect yourself, you can read more here: Revolutionary Health Documentaries that will Save Your Life!

What do Roach Killer,

Arsenic and Formaldehyde have in common?

Roach Killer, Arsenic and Formaldehyde

Roach Killer, arsenic and formaldehyde have all been linked to Cancer and they are all used in the manufacturing of traditional mattresses, along with many other cancer causing chemicals. Is that what you really want to be sleeping on?

Eco-Friendly Mattresses

Good for the Environment and Good for your Health

What are organic mattresses made from?

Organic Mattresses are made from organic wool, natural rubber from the rubber tree, natural latex, organic cotton, hemp, and other raw materials. They are made entirely of natural organic materials and contain no synthetic materials. The materials come from all around the world: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Belgium, England, France, and even the United States. Traditional Synthetic Mattresses are often made predominately of polyurethane foam, which has been shown to cause and aggravate allergy symptoms in many people, whereas the natural wool and other natural materials found in organic mattresses are anti-microbial, dust mite repellent and hypoallergenic. If you suffer from allergies an organic mattress may be able to provide you with some relief.

In addition to being great for allergy sufferers, organic mattresses contain no chemical additives or fire repellants. They do not contain any of the off-gassing, cancer causing chemicals that traditional mattresses contain making them safe for the whole family.

What about fire safety, are natural mattresses more flammable than traditional mattresses?

Many people are concerned about fire safety when it comes to their mattress. You might be wondering how safe an organic mattress is when it doesn't contain the fire retardant chemical that traditional mattresses are treated with. Well because organic mattresses are made with organic wool they are naturally flame retardant. In addition to organic mattresses being naturally fire safe, the materials in an organic mattress have the ability to breathe. Traditional mattresses contain latex and other synthetic materials which during hot and humid weather causes the sleeper to sweat because they trap heat and moisture rather than absorbing it. The natural wool in an organic mattress helps to absorb the moisture that is released from your body while you sleep and then it releases the moisture back into the air, keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Protect Yourself from Microscopic Toxins in Your Bed!

If you are not ready to take the plunge on a new mattress, there are other ways that you can protect yourself from the dangerous chemicals in your mattress. Mattress covers, organic pillows, and organic bedding can help protect you from allergens and harmful chemicals.

Organic Eco-Friendly Mattress Toppers

If you can't afford a new mattress just yet, consider purchasing a mattress topper to cover your old mattress. It will keep your skin away from direct contact with the chemicals in your existing mattress.

Organic mattress toppers are great for the environment, just like organic mattresses. With Cotton being one of the worlds largest crops, purchasing organic cotton directly reduces the amount of pesticides that would have been sprayed on traditional cotton crops. This keeps harmful pesticides out of the air, the drinking water and food crops of people around the world. Organic mattress pads are not only good for the environment they are also great for your health and the health of people everywhere.

Organic Cotton Mattress Pads

King Size SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free
King Size SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free

This hypo-allergenic mattress cover not only acts as a line of defense between your body and the toxic chemicals in your mattress. It also blocks bacteria growth and allergens, making you sleep easier.


Don't forget the babies crib. Children are far more sensitive to the chemicals in our environment. If you can't afford an organic mattress, use a mattress cover to provide as much protection as you can.

Organic Crib Mattresses are essential for protecting your baby.

Sealy Soybean Serenity Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress - Hypoallergenic Soy Foam, Extra Firm, Plastic-Free Cover with Organic Fibers, Waterproof, Allergy Barrier, 52"x28"
Sealy Soybean Serenity Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress - Hypoallergenic Soy Foam, Extra Firm, Plastic-Free Cover with Organic Fibers, Waterproof, Allergy Barrier, 52"x28"

Organic Crib Mattress are a bit more expensive than traditional mattresses but the protection they offer for your baby, who is sleeping up to 18 hours a day, is worth every extra penny.


Don't Forget about

your Eco-Friendly Pillows.

Organic Pillows

Magnolia Organics Organic Cotton Organic Pillow - Standard
Magnolia Organics Organic Cotton Organic Pillow - Standard

You spend eight hours a night with your head on a pillow, inhaling whatever that pillow is releasing. Even if you can't afford an Organic Mattress today, you should switch out your pillows to an organic pillow.


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    • GetFactsnotHype profile image

      GetFactsnotHype 4 years ago

      There are different types of eco friendly mattresses, such as organic mattresses, soy foam mattresses, Bio-Foam mattresses, and natural latex mattresses. They are all different. I have a webpage here on Squidoo about eco window treatments (shades and drapery), along with eco children's furniture, eco adult furniture (sofas, chairs and beds) eco upholstery etc. It is titled "Eco Furniture and Sustainable Decor"

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 8 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      We need a new mattress so I will surely consider this info. Thanks

    • thepartyanimal2 profile image

      thepartyanimal2 8 years ago

      Wow who knew - great info!! 5 organic starts from me