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Organic Futons

Updated on January 20, 2013

Organic Futons

I wasn't really planning to make this lens, but it was called to my attention that there are customers out there who would like to know some more about organic futons, so here it is...Find out about organic futons and if you have any more questions let me know in the comments section at the bottom. Don't forget to like the lens.

Organic Futons

Organic Futons are very similar to other Futons except that they are made of 100% wood and organic material. Other Futons are made of metal, plastic and wood mixtures.

Futons and the Environment

Whoever heard of Recycling?

In today's modern world many people are starting to realize that there daily lifestyles have become hazardous to the world around. Modern invetions such as cars and other gasoline using gadgets pollute the earth in many ways. Small things which we don't even realize can cause damages. Think about your personal life. How many things do you used everyday which can be negatively affecting the environment around.

Sometimes the most insiginificant little details in your life can change the environment. Maybe don't turn on the air conditioner for a couple ohurs, and instead open a couple windows. Or turn off the TV while you are taking a shower. Little things can make or break our surroundings, that is why we ask that you please please please recycle all your old futon furniture.

Wooden framed futons which no longer suit your needs can be taken to dumps where the wood can decay and nutrients returned to the soil. For metal and plasic frames, if recycled, they can to towards making other daily needed products such as milk cartons.

We thank you very much for recycling all used futon products.

Organic is better

Why not get a wooden futon to help save the environment.

Things to do

Keep checking koolmom lenses for more futon info.

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