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Organization Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

Updated on August 28, 2012

Let’s face it - we all could do with a little more organization in our lives. It’s not that we are messy people exactly, but with everything we have going on, it may seem as though the clutter can quickly get out of hand. These organization tips will help not only bring a little more structure to our lives, but make things easier too. Yes, some of these tips will require a bit of work or practice, but I promise, there are a few that offer the instant gratification we all need.

  • Put all of your bed sheets and blankets in their matching pillow cases. This will help reduce the number of piles you have in your linen closet, but also keep everything you need together in a handy matching “bag.”
  • Use tension rods around the house to store wrapping paper, paper towels, and to hang your all-purpose cleaners in the cabinet. You can even use smaller tension rods in your bedroom to hang your bracelets and necklaces.
  • Buy storage containers of all sizes - especially bread baskets. Bread baskets are especially important if you have a decent sized pantry. Each basket is usually big enough to contain a number of pantry categories such as canned goods, packet goods, condiments, and so forth. Leave one at your entrance way as a place to toss shoes or even dirtied items that you bring down to the laundry room each day. You can even buy a few standing labels or cut down a chalkboard to label each basket.
  • Invest in pegs and hooks. You can use them throughout your home. Not only are they great for decorating your home, but make perfect designated spaces for people to absentmindedly toss their things when they first walk in the door. Place them around your entrance way for coats, hats, scarves and even keys. Use them in bedrooms to hang purses, clothes for the next day and robes. They are even great in the kitchen to hang measuring cups, pots and pans as well as hanging fruits and vegetables.
  • Create a "launch pad" area to place essentials each family member needs before they leave the house. Depending on the person and the space available you can use a dishpan, cubby, or even backpacks and briefcases on special hooks. Keep this space near your entrance way for these items and make sure each family member always leave their things they will need there. If needed, do a brief check of the area before bed. Now you can leave everyone's essentials in their own space and no one will leave home with someone else's lunch or forget a book. Label each space, color code them or just make sure each space is clearly distinguished.
  • Keep it simple! Most organization attempts fail because the system becomes too complicated for everyone in the family to follow. Keep labels and markers handy and gently remind everyone of any new systems you implement. The only way you can maintain a well organized home is if everyone is on board.


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    • avonladybug232 profile image


      6 years ago from Manassas

      Great tips!


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