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Organize your house

Updated on February 11, 2014

Organize your home, organize your life

If you're like me, you might find it hard to getting stuck into any real work at home (study, job hunting, etc.) when you don't have an organized house. The next best thing to culling your belongings is to organize your house, making it feel more like home.

Thinking about tackling this job can be a little daunting right? Don't let it be. Work through your house room by room, drawer by drawer.

Image by Kimdracula

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

*All images on this lens are either my own or have been used with permission.

You don't have to organize everything at once! - Don't be overwhelmed

Sterilite 18888004 66 Quart/ 62 Liter Latch Box, White Lid & Clear Base w/ Blue Aquarium Latches, 4-Pack
Sterilite 18888004 66 Quart/ 62 Liter Latch Box, White Lid & Clear Base w/ Blue Aquarium Latches, 4-Pack

Place a bunch of plastic tubs on your living room floor. This will be your sorting area. Add a label on each to represent things you want to throw away, things you want to give away and one for each room in your house. Now you have a place to put items temporarily while you organize each room. This will stop you from getting side-tracked in another room. Having a box for each room will also help you decide where to put those 'orphan' items.


Top 10 rooms to organize

Separate your home into these categories and knock them off your list one by one:

1. Bedroom

2. Bathroom

3. Living room

4. Kitchen

5. Laundry

6. Home office/study

7. Entertainment area

8. Garage/shed

9. Hallway

10. Children's room

Write down a plan for you organization ideas. It will stop you getting side-tracked!

Image by
Image by

Planning and scheduling

See your progress with a plan

You will find organizing your home is much easier if you have a plan. It will keep you on track and help you focus on one area at a time. I recommend having a piece of paper for each room or area and writing a list on each of all the things to want to change, remove and organize. If you're like me and you start thinking about rearranging rooms when you are organizing, add your ideas to the bottom of each page. Keep in mind it will be so much easier to rearrange and change the design of your rooms after everything has been organized and has a place.



- Makeup

- Products in the shower

- Towels

- Kids bath toys


Your plan doesn't have to be perfect, so write down any and all ideas you have.

When you start organizing a room, it is usually on a weekend, so you generally have hours to really get stuck into it. However, there will be those days where you just can't be bothered. Don't stress! Set aside half an hour a day (or even 15 minutes) and work on a small part of your plan. This could be organizing the clothes in your wardrobe; putting cardigans together, work shirts together etc. It will not take long at all to do this and when you're done, you won't have to do anything else to do until tomorrow.

Organizing made easy with labels

Brother PC Connectable Labeling System (PT2730)
Brother PC Connectable Labeling System (PT2730)

A label maker is an invaluable item to have when organizing your home. You'll find you can't live without one. Label anything; office files, kitchen containers, shoes boxes, electrical cables and power boards etc.



Image by me
Image by me

Organizing your bedroom

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom so it is one of the most important spaces in your home. Look around your bedroom and think of which areas could be better utilized to create space and used for storage. Do you use a laptop while sitting in bed? Think about where you put it when you go to sleep.

Around and under your bed: Using the space under your bed is a perfect spot for extra storage. You can buy easily accessible plastic containers on wheels fairly cheaply or opt for something a little more stylish to match your bedroom furniture. If your bed sits too low to the ground you can buy bed risers (or you can make your own). You can also get your hands on behind-the-bed storage units. These not only look great but can also be used as bedside tables which create space either side of your bed (and that laptop).

Drawers: Use shallow drawers for your socks and underwear. You can purchase drawer separators to keep your drawers tidy and clear bags to keep stockings from ripping.

Using wall space: Think vertical! Some walls in your room are a great spot for storage. Add shelves or wall mounted units with drawers. You can even add running rail under a wall-mounted high shelf for hanging items of clothing which are used daily. Keep your bedside drawers free from clutter by adding shelves above with attractive containers for books and accessories. You can even hang lights from the ceiling instead of having lamps on each table.

Wardrobe: First, take out any clothes you do not need. If you can't part with some garments, put them to one end of the wardrobe and if you don't wear them for 6 months, it is probably time to give them to charity. Use the wardrobe running rail to hang some fabric shelves. These can be used for hats, belts, beanies, scarves, shoes, anything. If you have swing doors on your wardrobe, invest in some over-the-door hooks for even more storage space.

Go to sleep and wake up feeling organized.

Bedroom organizing ideas - Imagine a place for everything in your bedroom

Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer
Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Keep track of jewely by using this organized storage hanger. Hang in your wardrobe, behind a door or on a wall hook.

HOMZ Short Underbed Storage, Mahogany
HOMZ Short Underbed Storage, Mahogany

Organize you under-bed storage in style with these attractive storage boxes. Wheels make them easy o get to without damaging your floors.



Organize your bathroom

Inside the shower: Most of us usually end up having to keep extra bottles (shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc) either on the floor or on top of the shower edge. For a non-permanent option make use of the wall space with suction shelves and shower caddy's. Easy to install and remove.

Sink top: A good sink top is a clean one! Keep your sink top clear by moving everything to cupboards and drawers.

Bath: If you have children, you may have toys sitting on the edges of your bath - still wet. Keep them all together in a hanging basket which is suction cupped to the wall. They will dry easily and avoid going moldy - not to mention tidy!

Toilet area: If you don't have much space, over-the-toilet cabinets can come in handy. They stand either side of your loo and are a good place for toilet paper, towels and face washers.

Accessories: Affix a magnetic strip to the inside of your cupboard door to keep bobby pins and small clips in one place.

PRO-MART DAZZ 42 Pocket Over The Door Organizer, Natural Canvas
PRO-MART DAZZ 42 Pocket Over The Door Organizer, Natural Canvas

Utilize space behind every door with extra storage space. Organize anything and everything behind any door in your house; shoes, make-up, cleaning products, toys, food packets, tool, etc.

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White
KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White

Kids toys can drive you mad, they are on the floor, on the dink, in the shower. Keep your children's toys organized in this over-the-bath storage basket by KidCo. Toys will dry quickly, keeping be mould free.


Living room

Organize your living room

Image by me
Image by me

TV/Stereo: Electrical cables drive me mad. Especially when SOMEONE decides to set up the new TV and leave the cords falling every direction, all mixed up and messy. I tell you, it would be easier if they were organized in the first place, but here goes. Cable tidy clips are great for organizing your cords and keeping them off the ground. Labelling cables plugged into a power board can save a lot of time trying to trace the cords to the device you are looking for. I have found using the plastic pieces used to keep bread bags closed useful for this. Also, wall mounting your TV will give you extra space on top of your TV unit.

Hide it: Some things look great on shelves but other things, not so much. Even if you have dozens of great looking decorative items you want on display, often you can overcrowd a room and make it look cluttered and a little bit hectic. Pick out a few things to keep on display. The rest, put away for a few months and then rotate your display items when you grow tired of the current look. When your space is less cluttered, it looks cleaner. And you feel more at ease!

Maximize space: Use furniture which has multiple uses. Ottomans are great for storage space.

General organizing: You can buy boxes in so many shapes and sizes. You can decorate them by adding stylish wallpaper or wrapping paper to match your decor or you can get them in plain colours. Our house has a lot of red and black so I try to add as much white as I can to lighten the mood. The best thing of all, they are so cheap!

Boxes are the ultimate in organizing.

Household Essentials 513 Storage Box with Lid and Handle - Natural Beige Canvas with Brown Trim - Large
Household Essentials 513 Storage Box with Lid and Handle - Natural Beige Canvas with Brown Trim - Large

I like to organize in style. With canvas style boxes you can. I love opening up my closet and seeing all my belongings neat and tidy. Plus they have an easy-grab handle.



Organize your kitchen

Fridge: Save and organize space in the fridge by using extra drawers. This will help items being pushed to the back, being forgotten and ending up rotten. Use masking tape to label containers holding leftovers. Organizing leftovers will save your health and save you money!

Pantry: Use shelving systems inside your pantry to increase the space. Buy a good set of see through stackable containers for pasta, flour, sugar, herb packets, cereal etc. They will keep your food fresh and easier to manage.

Under the sink: Organize your cleaning products with stacking shelves. Cheap tip: tie some rope from pipe to pipe to hang your spray bottles.

Wall and roof mounting: Wall mount almost anything; shopping bag holders, utensils, paper towel, plastic wrap etc. Hang your pots and pants from the ceiling with a ceiling rack.

Kitchen organizers

Organize It All Chrome Canned Food Storage Rack
Organize It All Chrome Canned Food Storage Rack

Cans are usually stacked in the cupboard or pantry aren't they? Yes. Right up the back hidden behind everything aren't they? Yes. Now you won't need to knock everything in front of them over because they are organized in this cool can rack.

simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser, Brushed Stainless Steel
simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser, Brushed Stainless Steel

I think I love this one the most. Not only does it look much cooler than the hand sewn plastic bag organizers, you can see when you are getting low on bags. Although reusable shopping bags are a big thing these days, we still end up with surplus plastic bags in the home because we often forget to take the good ones to the store.



Organizing your laundry

Tuck it away: Laundry's come in so many shapes and sizes. Many are hidden away in kitchen or bathroom cupboards. Hide away your washer and dryer with curtains or a room divider screen.

Washer and dryer: Cleaning around and under your washing machine can be a hassle. Trying to sweep around that area? A pain! You can wall mount your dryer but unfortunately you can't do this with your washing machine. Even if you have a very strong wall, it may cause your machine to work harder and may cause the motor to overheat. You can raise your machine by making or buying a riser. You will easily be able to sweep underneath and it will create extra storage space for baskets or drawers.

Ironing: Wall mount your ironing board to to raise it from the floor. You can purchase proper ironing board wall brackets which also have a space for your iron and spray bottles.

Multipurpose tubs to help you keep organized - For every room in your newly organized home

Tubtrugs 10 Large Tub, 10 gallon, Blue
Tubtrugs 10 Large Tub, 10 gallon, Blue

Washing baskets can be bulky and when not being used can be a pain to store. Get yourself a basket or bucket which can have many uses. These tubs can be used for holding just about anything; washing, plants, groceries, toys, drinks, etc. They come in different sizes and will make organizing easy. They are rubber so they are flexible and are very easy to carry.


Study/home office

Organizing your study/home office

Eliminate paper: Invest in a scanner to keep your paper documents organized on your computer. One of the best ways to keep your home office organized is to aim for a paperless office/study (or home!).

Desk: Clear the mess! Keeping your desktop tidy and clutter free will improve your concentration. Organize papers by sorting by priority and placing into desk trays or go for a minimalist look and move everything into suspension files in a filing drawer next to your desk.

Organize with labels: Time to pull out your label maker so you can sort your filing!

Electricals: The study/home office is another area where cords came become a little twisted! A great little device (below) holds the ends of those frequently used cords (USB's, phone chargers etc) on the edge of your desk, ready to grab when you need them. Eliminate the hassle of scrounging around on the floor trying to find the end of that elusive cord.

Desk drawers: Make sure you have your most used items in the top drawer. While you are working, this will minimize interruption time and keep you focused.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 CLR 600DPI USB Mobile Scanner (PA03610-B005)
Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 CLR 600DPI USB Mobile Scanner (PA03610-B005)

Time to get paperless, people! This little guy will help you scan all your important documents for filing on your now huge hard drive (you do have a big one now right?). And the other papers? Recycle them!

Toysdone Cordies Desktop Cable Management for Power Cords and Charging Accessory Cables Black
Toysdone Cordies Desktop Cable Management for Power Cords and Charging Accessory Cables Black

Loose cords are the bane of my existence. This little cable management gizmo will keep your desktop cords neat, tidy and organized. Perfect for phone and tablet charger cords because they are quickly accessible.


Entertainment area

Organize your entertainment area

CD's and DVD's: The best thing to do with your mountain of CD's and DVD's is to convert them all to digital files and store them on a shared hard drive. This way, you can sell or give away your CD's and DVD's. Imagine how much space you will have! If you can't part with your beloved discs, you should shop around for a TV unit which has compartments for everything. Another great idea is to discard the plastic CD and/or DVD covers and put the discs in alphabetical order into a CD book/case.

Never lose your remote control: So many devices and so many remote controls! Keep them all together with a caddy and keep it on your coffee table. I prefer to have the caddy somewhere I can see, you never know when you're going to need to dash for the record button.

Organize you magazines: Magazines have a habit of staying in our house. Most of the time I keep them because there is a great recipe I want to try. Then I get lazy and put the magazine to the pile under the coffee table. Best thing to do? Rip out the page you want and add it to a cookbook display folder and recycle the magazine. You can even take a photo and add it to your online cookbook.

Keeping kids' toys organized: If you have children, you most probably have toys everywhere. if you want your lounge/living room to be toy free, set up one basket in the corner of the room and tell your kids that there can never be more toys in here than can fit in this basket.


Organize your garage/shed

Possibly one of the most untidy places in your home. Am I right? Yes. All those packets of screws and nails. Half used bits and bobs. Tackling this area will be the most satisfying of all.

Sort through the garbage: If you don't need it and if you can't see how you can use it, throw it out. Also, add all the small bits and pieces like screws, nails, bolts, hinges etc to plastic containers. Pull out your trusty label maker and label like crazy.

Elevate it: Lift everything off the ground. Wall mount brooms, shovels etc for easy access. It is hard to lose something when it is stuck on the wall in front of you!

Holeyrail, Garage Organizer, Metal Pegboard, Commercial Quality, Industrial Strength, Prefinished Steel Peg board, 8 Feet total length, Uses Standard Peg Hooks (not included, see our other listing)
Holeyrail, Garage Organizer, Metal Pegboard, Commercial Quality, Industrial Strength, Prefinished Steel Peg board, 8 Feet total length, Uses Standard Peg Hooks (not included, see our other listing)

Organize while lifting everything off the ground. Easier access to all your large shed items. Not to mention you will find it much easier to sweep the floor!

Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer
Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer

These peg boards have so many uses. You can not only use them for organizing the garage but in your home office or kitchen. They take push pins, nails, screws and are magnetic!

7 Piece Magnetic Spice Rack and Decanters
7 Piece Magnetic Spice Rack and Decanters

Use these spice containers to organize small garage items such as screws and nails.


What are your tips for organizing your home?

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    • lucille12 profile image


      3 years ago

      You have to decide what is important to keep and what can be discarded and sometimes it may not be able to stick with those decisions but once you put garage organization ideas into place you have to stand by them to give them a chance to work.

    • Ganool LM profile image

      Ganool LM 

      5 years ago

      Hello there. Im newbie here. Just want to say "hi" by the way :)

    • goldenrulecomics profile image


      5 years ago from New Jersey

      Lots of good advice, and nice layout of the lens!

    • Kimdracula profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @justmelucy: You can never have too many right? I will move my scarves over to timber hangers soon. I have broken a few too many plastic ones when I am in a hurry and trying to get to the scarf I want.

    • texan203 lm profile image

      texan203 lm 

      6 years ago

      Great lens, great ideas- thanks for the tips.

    • justmelucy profile image


      6 years ago

      Great Lens. You had me hooked with your intro picture. I have my bandanas organized almost the same way. I had the on a hanger and one day I decided to use them as a valance in my daughter's room. Now I have an excuse for more bandanas in every color.

    • PaulaMorgan profile image

      Paula Morgan 

      6 years ago from Sydney Australia

      So many great ideas for organising I might just have to start spring cleaning this weekend! thanks

    • seashell2 profile image


      6 years ago

      It makes life so much more relaxing when everything has a place to go! Nice work!


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