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How to Organize Your Closet

Updated on April 27, 2017

(Whether You Are Male, Female or Sharing Space)

1. Hit up Pinterest for ideas that work for your unique space. My closet has an angled wall at the far end, so I took some time to design the space in a way that would utilize every nook and cranny.
2. Use shelving that is metal if you are looking to allow light to flow through to the lowest shelves. If you insist on wood/solid material you may want to consider fluorescent lighting or at least the battery operated push lights that will brighten the darkest corners.
3. Keep shoes down low, they can be heavy, it is where they belong in the layout of outfits and keeps sand and dirt from getting on other items if they are put away with some grit on them.
4. Hang dresses; ironing should be avoided at all costs; nobody has time for that!
5. Fold tops and pants if you lack hanging space; jeans or trousers smooth out pretty quickly if they were folded neatly. Dress tops might be best hung, but cotton ones will fair just fine when stacked neatly.
6. Place sweaters on the highest shelves, as they have a short wearing season depending on your location, so it is ok if they are just a little harder to reach, as long as they are visible.
7. Quilt racks with a top shelf come in handy to hang scarves, as the shelf will serve as space for perfume, lotion, deodorant, etc, so you don’t have to run around to various locations while getting ready.
8. Tie racks or towel bar racks can be used to hold leggings and/or ties. Keeps them orderly, visible and all in one place.
9. Use plastic pvc pipe, cut to match your shoe size length, stacked in a space savvy way, to hold flats, sandals and other small shoes.
10. Place hooks on the back of the door for frequently used items like bathrobes or a hoody and sweats. Put them up high on the walls also, to maximize that dead space for displaying hats! We all need a collection of some sort!


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