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Lessons Learned From My Pantry Shelves

Updated on November 27, 2011

Pantry Shelves: Organizing Your Pantry Will Never Be The Same

Pantry organizing was always something that eluded me for some reason. There was always something better to do, or so the little guy on my shoulder comforted me. Finally, though, I found the solution that whipped even pantry-fobic me into shape. Read on to see how pantry shelves changed my kitchen life forever.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers
Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

I try to be a good housewife, try to keep things under control and running relatively smoothly. In general, I think I do well. Kitchen cabinet organizers are definitely a large piece in my success puzzle. I've happily stumbled on a fantastic innovator, Rev-A-Shelf. This brand focuses on kitchen cabinet organizers and other nifty inventions geared towards achieving and maintaining order within the home. From spice racks to drawer dividers, Rev-A-Shelf has preserved many a home when all hope was thought to be lost. I have many of these items peppered around my home, from kitchen to bathroom, and I know that I owe much of my sanity to them.

Confessions & Deliverane

Pantry Shelving
Pantry Shelving

I have a confession, though. While I am a fairly organized mom on most fronts, there are some areas that prove a worthy adversary for even my punctilious organizational skills. My pantry was always one of these areas, I'm not proud to say. Every reason in the book applied when it came to getting my pantry shelves in order. So, considering the positive experiences that I've had in the past with Rev-A-Shelf, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a new form of kitchen cabinet organizers that would ultimately become my pantry savior. Pantry shelves can literally revolutionize the way you look at that black hole. By changing the way you place things into your pantry, pantry shelves ensure that everything is orderly each time you open this closet.

So what are these modern marvels? Pantry shelving systems are actually a very simple idea. A unit consists of a variety of pantry shelves or drawers that can be bought standard or custom fit to accommodate your specific closet specifications. You can find them in individual door units, rolling shelves, baskets and even full-scale pull out pantry shelves. How much room you have in your closet/pantry/cabinets should be a gauge as to which model is right for you. Though I'd love the full pantry shelving unit, my pantry doesn't accommodate it (one day...) Instead, I pieced mine together from various individual models. A little tinkering with a screwdriver...and my kitchen will never be the same. This is one kitchen upgrade that you have to try for yourselves.

The reason these work so well is because the shelves and baskets are mobile. They pivot out, roll out or slide around so that you can access things from any angle, side or shelf. This also gives you access to items hidden behind other ones.

Pantry Organization Checklist

Here are a few quick pointers to getting and keeping a neat pantry:

1. Clear out the old. Take everything out of the pantry. This may seem like a bigger project than you are ready for, but it will help cleanse the negative bad organization karma (or more succinctly, it will get rid of all the dirt, half empty packages and stale goods that are hiding out in there). My kids love this job. They organize everything into different sections (cans, boxes, bottles etc.) and then have a "store". They get an entertaining game and I get an organized pantry, so all in all, not a bad afternoon's activity.

2. Next you need to wipe down the shelves/drawers, and lay paper if you are nervous about spills.

3. Restock your pantry in an orderly fashion. Which type of pantry shelves or drawers you ultimately decide on will determine how or where you should place things. In general though, heavier items should go on or close to the floor. Also, keep like items together. This could mean all cans, all bags, etc., but it could also mean all pasta products etc. Choose the method that you feel will make more sense when grabbing for ingredients during the dinner dash.

4. Finally, be consistent. If you organize your pantry beautifully, but go shopping and toss the packages in haphazardly the the most sophisticated pantry shelving units cannot save you (unless they've invented a self-sorting pantry organizer- I haven't seen it yet, but you can bet I'll be writing about it when they do!) Take the extra five minutes to put groceries away where they belong so you can enjoy your pantry organization for the long term.

Wrap Up

Staying organized is a priority for me. It has to be, otherwise I'd give in to the myriad excuses that my mind wants to use for not keeping up ("I had such a long day", "I don't want to spend the money", "I have to finish the...", "It's really not so bad in here"- when I get to that last one, my intellect kicks in, fortunately.) Make order something important to you too, and see how a few simple kitchen cabinet organizers (or unique organizers in any other area for that matter) can take this high-status task and make it an easy reality.

I'd love to stay and write more, but there is a summer clothes closet that needs attending to. Until next time, happy organizing!

Organization Obstacles

What is the hardest area in your kitchen to keep organized? Tell us about it, and maybe, together, we can figure out some tricks and tips for overcoming those holes in our pursuit for order.

What is your biggest organizational stumbling block in the kitchen?

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What is the most problematic area in your kitchen? Let's hear about and see if we can deal with it together...

Got a kitchen organizing hang up? Tell me about it!

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    • johnncrick profile image

      johnncrick 6 years ago

      Nice lens. Check out my lens to learn more about kitchen pantry cabinet.

    • IlanaMoore LM profile image

      IlanaMoore LM 6 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you, living organized is always more efficient, and stocking up on supplies saves you money in the long run. Good for you guys (sweet picture, by the way :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      great tribute to this topic, its always on my wife's and my list of things to organize and find a better way to have a bigger supply in our house, squidliked this for sure.

    • IlanaMoore LM profile image

      IlanaMoore LM 7 years ago

      @norma-holt: Duly noted points, you are right. I will have to update this lens when I have a chance. Thanks for the feedback.

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 7 years ago

      Nice lens but you need to explain how the organising works. The pics make it look more cluttered. My pantry is pretty much organised without additional bits and pieces and maybe you need to address that. Thumbs up for presentation but add a buit more by way of explanations. Also change the default title on the Guestbook.