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Organizing Your Study or Work Space

Updated on April 14, 2013

Keep Your Study or Work Space Organized

When it comes to studying or working from home, it is helpful and often less stressful to have a space where you can concentrate and be free from distractions.

One of the best ways to stay focused and distraction-free, is to have a tidy and organized space to study or work in. Whether you have an entire room for an office or just a desk to work at, this lens will provide you with some handy tips to keep your study or work space organized and free from clutter, ensuring a more relaxed and professional environment for you to work in.

Image used under the Creative Commons license via Sean MacEntee on Flickr.

Managing Paperwork

One thing that can really mess up a desk or office is confusing paperwork. It is easy to get carried away and lost when it comes to printing documents or keeping them in order and a pile of unorganized paperwork can cause real problems, especially when it comes to finding something that you need! Having a system for filing or storing paperwork can make things a whole lot easier, not to mention tidier!

Binders, folders and filing cabinets are all great ways for managing paperwork. Filing A-Z or by subject will make your life easier and less stressful when it comes to studying and working at home.

Ring Binders

Ring binders are a simple, cheap and effective way of keeping paperwork organized. You can use one ring binder separated with dividers to keep all of your work together, or separate ring binders for different subjects if the workload is enough. The choice is yours!

File Boxes

Great for keeping your files separated and in order, filing boxes are ideal for keeping your paperwork in one place, yet organized.

Bargain Filing Cabinets

If your work involves a lot of paperwork, it may be worthwhile investing in a filing cabinet. Perhaps the best way to keep files organized and safe, filing cabinets are the perfect way to store your paperwork in an organized fashion. They have other uses, too! Secure when locked, you can store your valuables or other necessities away.

Make Use of Memo Boards

Memo boards are a great way to stay organized and increase productivity. You can use them to keep important notes, calendars, reminders, to-do lists... the possibilities are endless.

Depending on your workload, having a memo board or two above your work space is handy and will help keep your space clutter free as it will eradicate the need to post-it notes or random reminders scribbled down on paper. Pin boards and white boards that can be wiped clean are both great for use as memo boards.

Image used under the Creative Commons license via midiman on Flickr.

Stationery Organizers

Keeping your pens, pencils and any other stationery items out of the way is another great way to keep your study or work area organized. You can buy stationery holders to place on your desk, or create your own with ease. Using something simple like a cup or a jug to place your stationery in can make a huge difference to keeping your work area tidy and free of clutter.

Does Organization Help You?

Do you find it easier to work in an area that's organized and clutter free?

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The Closet Office!

If you don't have a spare room in your house to use as an office or study, consider converting your closet! One of the most innovative ideas for creating study space, and saving space in the house at the same time, an unused closet is perfect for tucking away a desk and giving you a space to study or work from.

If your closet is deep enough to fit a desk, then you have enough space for all that you need! Put up some shelves for extra storage and decorate your new mini-room however you like to give you the perfect area to concentrate and focus on your work or studies. When open, the doors can be used to hang important memos, calendars, motivational posters... Whatever you can think of!

This handy idea was found on Country Living and has been adopted by many to give them their own personal home office.

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Do you have any tips for keeping work space organized?

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    • GeekGirl1 profile image


      6 years ago

      i like the idea of the closet office. that would be nice to save some space. nice lens!!

    • Riesling profile image


      6 years ago

      Indeed a wonderful suggestion, fine recommendations. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • ismeedee profile image


      6 years ago

      Some great stuff here!! Love the cupboard/office!

    • intellectualese profile image


      6 years ago

      Great ideas :) I just started working from home and I'm excited to get it all organized so I can be really productive.


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