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Oriental Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Updated on September 13, 2014

Oriental Themed Decorating For Your Bedroom

Decorating with an Oriental theme will give your bedroom or any room in your home an exotic look. I have a dream of living in a mansion with many bedrooms, and each will be decorated with a different theme and be named accordingly.

So I will have an Oriental room, a Medieval room, and a Gothic room for starters. This page will focus on the Oriental theme.

One thing about decorating your bedroom with Oriental or Asian theme is that you don't want to overdo it and make your bedroom look like a museum :)

You should start with a few simple decorative elements to portray the theme. You don't have to spend too much money, and you can always add more to it later if you so desire.

First you should choose the colors. For the wall, use an off-white color to simulate that of rice parchment or aged bamboo. So, light tan or beige would be great. This also establishes a neutral background color for paintings and other wall decorations.

Other colors you want to incorporate are black and white (as in Yin and Yang), different shades of green (representing bamboo and jade), as well as gold and red. Go easy on the red though, so your bedroom won't appear gaudy.

Now let's explore a few other aspects of Oriental themed decorating for your bedroom.

Lighting - Japanese lanterns, Asian style lamps, candlesticks, candles

The lighting in your Oriental themed bedroom should be subtle to create a relaxing or perhaps romantic atmosphere. There are a variety of traditional Japanese lanterns and Asian style lamps to choose from to suite your taste and budget. Aromatic candles are almost a must to set the desired mood.

Flooring - Oriental rugs, bamboo flooring, ceramic tiles

You have several options for the floor. Bamboo floors will add to the beauty and uniqueness of your bedroom but they can be quite expensive. If your budget doesn't allow it, you can choose other types of flooring such as wood, and ceramic or stone tile. An Oriental rug would be a perfect addition. But a natural fiber or a synthetic wool rug is a more economical alternative.

Oriental furniture - Asian style dressers, nightstands, bedding

This is probably where you will spend most of your money. If budget is not a concern, you can go all out. There's lacquered Oriental furniture of all kinds for you to choose from beds to armoires to end tables to desk and stools. Of course, you have the option of buying one piece at a time as your budget allows.

Other Oriental decorations - Oriental wall décor, figurines, vases

I personally love Chinese paintings, so I would have at least a couple of them on the wall of my Oriental themed bedroom. Again, there's a wide variety of options here such as landscape, flowers, animals, and scenes of life. Oriental fans and wall reliefs would also look fabulous on your wall.

You may also want to get a few lacquered or jade ornaments and figurines of Buddha or the goddess Quan Yin as well as certain animals like fish which represent prosperity, and turtles and cranes which represent longevity. You can place them on top of your dresser or table alongside a porcelain vase or tea jar.

For your windows consider silk drapes with gold cord and tassels. Alternatively, you can use bamboo blinds painted in Asian symbols or calligraphy.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination. You may also consider studying Feng Shui to have even more ideas on how to put all these decorating elements together to create harmony in your room and home.

Share your thoughts and suggestions or just let me know you came to visit.

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    • Alfiesgirl LM profile image

      Alfiesgirl LM 

      8 years ago

      A real nice lens 5*****, I had an oriental themed sitting-room quite a few years back where I inked some chinese characters all around the top of the walls & everybody who visited commented on them, It's surprising how easy an oriental themed room is to do with the right "know how" eh! all your readers of this lens will have the "know how" which I'm sure will lead to many oriental rooms coming soon...

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      8 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Great Ideas for an Oriental bedroom. I want the same mansion as you do with all the different theme rooms. Good Luck with Giant Squid! :)


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