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$2.30 4ft. Christmas Tree! Cheap? Yeah...

Updated on July 3, 2014

Christmas is coming - means need to prepare something at home!!

This is my first mission "Find a Cheap Christmas Tree".

I want to share to all possible readers out there that ever since I was a little, I've never fail to be excited on every approaching Christmas Day. I always anticipate for the gifts I will receive and the pleasure of preparing those enchanting desserts and dishes for the celebration of this holiday, a feeling that I know is very familiar to almost people. Gratification was mesmerizing all over the place just to honor the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, love was in the wind in every and each of us to give thanks and in same way we were acknowledge back.

Well, first thing in my mind was "What should I first buy?..hmm I decided to go for a little Christmas Tree. So I took off every afternoon after my office to a nearby supermarkets just to search for cheap Christmas Tree and a decor.

Actually, since I got married and got three children I've never tried to buy one for our home, that's because my children was still young and may not appreciate the tree decor that I will buy. But now my eldest was eight years old, second is six years and my youngest was three, I'm now confident that they will be happy if I will buy one for Christmas.. So I did!!

Finding the right stuff

I'm eager to surprise my children, even I'm currently in tight-budget I will find the right tree for us

So to complete my mission, I made a plan... Every other day, I will find a time after office to search for a cheap Christmas tree, you might be wondering "why not just buy what you want?", well... you see nowadays we as buyers need to hunt for the right price and stuff that will fits to our taste and even to our home. And because I have three active kids I must not buy a large tree that might just fall down to them (besides that's more expensive..), other than that I prefer a not costly price since I need to stick in my budget. So I search and search to a lot of places. I've gone to large shopping malls, to night markets and even to the heart of Manila (Our Central City in my country) where you can find the lowest-priced in our city. But still I find it hard to see what I really like, well I'm sort of a picky person and also I'm considering my budget.

On the 8th day I found finally the right one, I've located it on nearby small shopping center near in our home and the price is... Php.99.00 or $2.30, it was actually the last piece (I thought that time "Demands are high..maybe many buyers are like me), to my joy and excitement I bought it as soon as I can, then I add to it one dozen of small red and gold Christmas Balls worth Php.40.00 or $0.92. So Cheap ha?, Well I'm very happy with it... You see what really excite me most will be the reaction of my kids. So on that moment while waiting in my line at the cashier I can see myself smiling, well it because I'm too excited to go home and surprise them, running in my mind was "are they gonna jump? and scream in happiness?".. Well anyway, there's no doubt that I will make them cheer that way...

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Joyful Moment...

When I've got home they are screaming!!!

On my way home, I tried not to make noises so that my kids would be much surprise if they saw me in front our bedroom holding a four feet tall tree, and I actually succeeded, so I said "Surprise!!! I bought a Christmas tree"... My kids just jumping around and saying "We have Christmas tree!.. we have Christmas tree!!! ye-hey!!!". That moment, I was so overwhelmed by the happiness I've gave to them, mostly when we started to unpack it and start to put the decoration (Oh! I forgot to add.. I also bought one set of light for the tree just for the price of Php.45.00 or $1).

Then in just few minutes we already got the balls and the light on it, so we're ready to twinkle!!. But my eldest says.."Wait don't forget the three pieces decor that your boss gave to us!", (Oh yeah I really almost forgot that...), So there it was our simple tree got so amazingly cute, even though the decoration was not enough I this time I will just buy another more cute stuff that I can add until the Christmas Day comes. I will just have to delay buying the "Big Star" so that I can insist to my husband that he should be the one to put that on it... and I hope he will


The tree, balls and lights (some stuff toys)

The initial outcome - nice! , I will place some more decor to it.. I guarantee that

The giggling of my eldest girl and jumping around of my two boys while helping each other to put those decoration was enchanting to witness, I'm very happy that I made them joyous that night. Moreover to that, they were dancing when I turned on the Christmas light, very lively that they shot off the light of our room just to bring out more on the light of the tree.

While we looking at it together, we realized that its fun decorating it simultaneously, we did have a really good time that night and we are looking forward that we can buy more stuff to make it more better. It was so nice to have such Christmas essence in our home. Then suddenly while looking on it I just remembered that I have some small toys that are possible to stick up at that Four feet tall tree, so I dig it somewhere on our storeroom and thankful that I found it. The four little pigs that has wizard hats on it, cute and adorable, it's satisfying that it looks nice, I'm even more glad that said toys has got already string so that I can hung it to the Christmas tree.

Finally, now we have it, my goal for now is to find some more cheap Christmas emblem that will add more to it or might be some poinsettia decor that can make it more thick. Then after, If I've finish that goal, then I can start to my Second mission - find a right Window Curtains match for this coming holiday!..

Hope I have made you enjoy even a little with my short story, thank you for reading... have a blessed day to us!!

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