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Our Cherry Blossom Tree

Updated on October 17, 2015

Time To Prune, But Not Too Soon. - Goodbye Little Friends, But Now, We Will Have an Abundance of You!

Oh Cherry Tree, It is Time for A Trim, Late Winter or Early Spring?

We want to protect you, Oh Cherry Tree as much as we can. Yet we also want you happily producing lovely cherries and bright leaves throughout the summer again.

We could still get a frost, though the winter has been mild.

From what I have read, it isn't good to prune them much when moisture is in the air. No wonder, we cannot decide.

Summer time is great too, then, less chance of injury or Silver Leaf disease or fungi infection.

No, upon further study, summer is best for a light trim, we've neglected you too long, heavy duty pruning this time.

Upon further examination these are some of the answers we found.

Time To Prune?

Under the light of the moon?  No Way
Under the light of the moon? No Way | Source

Pruning Our Cherry Blossom Tree - Advice Please, What is Your Best Way?

These tools and books jumped up to share their wonderful help and knowledge to show us how. We learn so much easier by seeing than by reading. We found it much easier to look at where to cut the limbs. We have decided to even cut down the old and tired sick cherry tree. Hopefully we can get creative with the wood and not just burn it in the stove!

Cherry Tree, How Old You Are

Too old we are to make cherries here.
Too old we are to make cherries here. | Source
Pruning Made Easy: A Gardener's Visual Guide to When and How to Prune Everything, from Flowers to Trees (Storey's Gardening Skills Illustrated Series)
Pruning Made Easy: A Gardener's Visual Guide to When and How to Prune Everything, from Flowers to Trees (Storey's Gardening Skills Illustrated Series)

This book lives up to its name. with easy to follow answers to all the why's of having to prune in the first place.


In Need of A Fine Pruning

So much we can learn from a cherry tree.
So much we can learn from a cherry tree. | Source

Our Cherry Tree Wants to Blossom

What perfect timing as we look at the calendar and see winter is drawing to a close. From all the helpful hints we have read, this is a real good time to get things ready for pruning our cherry tree.

Our very mild winter has encouraged us to spend a little more time out doors. The sun peaks out a little more stronger letting us know, things are beginning to grow.

Growth needs to be cleared, it is hard to do with a tree that is a symbol of love and so beautiful.

Yet, on further exploration, we have discovered that it isn't good to leave broken, decaying limbs and branches around.

We don't want any dying trees from diseases that is for sure.

The beauty of them will be multiplied as the bright flowers burst forth in fresh abundance. We feel the limbs cheer in the blustery winds of winter not quite ready to go away.

"Oh yes, yes" , they seem to say, get these old, nasty, dead limbs out of our way."

Bring Out The Pruning Shears

We have decided to trim up our trees this year and do some pretty landscaping.

From the bottom of the trunks that are lovingly intertwined, the love of cherry blossoms are evident.

We really didn't pay much attention to this huge old tree blossoming beautifully in our yard every year.

Now that we are spending more time at home, we've noticed a decline in the cherry production. Oh and look, hardly any flowers bloomed last year. It was awfully cold, with a really late spring. Yet, we knew because of our fear of hurting our lovely cherry trees and not knowing how to prune them, we have caused them a greater disservice. Growing too tall to bear any fruit, growing little sprouts that knock the fence out.

Such a hardy old tree, yet what beauty covered in pink and white blossoms, you can still be.

What fun to hear the crows flapping and singing, ripping open the tasty cherry morsels. When we first moved here the lower limbs almost drug on the ground, and the deer did love to feast of the bright sprigs of green leaves.

We love your bright red cherries too much, and so do the crows, squirrels, deer and raccoons.

So. we got to cut some of you down a bit. I know you understand oh cherry tree so grand.

How to Prune Cherry Trees - Here is a fine example of a proper pruning.

Glistening Cherries

Fuzzy droopy, glossy green veins in your pointy dainty leaves. Adorable!

Leaves or Flowers

You Can't Have Both

Taking the time to prune up our trees this year. I have taken it for granted that pulling the broken limbs down was good enough. That the birds barely touch the tops, that the sun doesn't shine in the yard, that not even many leaves the clump of cherry trees bring.

Aha, it is wanting to be pruned back to beauty more than anything. And, no matter what I do, accepting the fact, the flowers come first, fast and with beautiful flurry, then the leaves. They grow crisp and strong and bright shiny green, filling up and bustling out to the tips of the limbs and suddenly when the sun is shining bright...

A bright yellow, then orange, then red catches our eye. Whoa there crows of spring and summer, grabbing the sweet cherry juice before they are even ripe.

Trimming away all the dead branches, keeps it from decay, cutting her down, way down, she is not supposed to touch the sky, she bears fruit and flowers, she carries many scars, get the nasty old limbs out of her way. Otherwise we are killing her.

Don't want to be afraid of cutting when it is wet, give us another sunny day to start cleaning up the beautiful cherries, may we no longer take them for granted.

Cherry Seed Trees, We'd Like to Give That a Try.

We are so excited for spring and our pruning experience.

We are going to try to grow some new types of cherry trees.

We'd like to turn a corner of our lot into a meditation spot.

It Wants to Burst Forth With A Multitude of Flowers

Yes, we agree, we would truly love to see the trees blooming with flowers, springing forth on every limb. With the sweet juice attracting the first of the hummingbirds to stop by for an energy treat.

We look forward in anticipation for this old tree to fill up our noses with is sweet fragrance.

Do not blink, it all happens very fast, a week or two at the most.

Alas, the flowers are all gone on this windy day, as spring tells winter to go away, you are blowing the last of the cherry flowers out of our yard.

Alas, it is natures way, the love of the cherry tree gets shared that way.

All the more reason for a good pruning, then the cherry trees will have a fighting chance to bloom forth with their mighty fresh energy.

A Book to Learn How To Care for Trees

We are truly grateful for the people who really do know how to prune well and tell us how. Then we can take care of you right, so you will grow abundant and produce delicious fruit.

Thanks to the wonderful information from "about cherry trees" "videos" and "books" we are being taught some pruning expertise to trim down our mighty cherry tree.

Cherry Trees Reaching For The Moon

Shining Bright With the Moon In The Daylight
Shining Bright With the Moon In The Daylight | Source

© 2013 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

Pruning Tips

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  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    3 years ago from Washington State

    I've seen pictures of those beautiful trees there. I would miss all the beautiful cherry trees too if they were no longer visible in my part of the world. Mobile, AL will have to find a way to plant some?

  • newbizmau profile image

    Maurice Glaude 

    3 years ago from Mobile, AL

    I miss the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC.

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    3 years ago from Washington State

    Thanks Joy, cherry trees are my favorite.

  • Joy56 profile image


    3 years ago

    Beautiful hub...

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Cherry Blossom trees are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    In my country there is no cherry blossoms, so it can only be seen through the film. Through this lens also got a lot of information about the cherry blossoms. Thank you.

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    5 years ago from Washington State

    @Loretta L: Oh what a wonderful idea, I too loved them in my hair.

  • Loretta L profile image

    Loretta Livingstone 

    5 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

    Oh I love cherry blossom trees. As a child I used to pretend I was a bride and they were confetti. How lucky you are. Enjoy cherry blossom time.


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