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Outdoor and Indoor Flameless Candles

Updated on February 6, 2015

Flameless Candles

Are you looking for that warm, cozy and peaceful feeling, but thinking of safety also! ever thought of Flameless Candles! they could be the solution to all your problems.

I'm always looking for ways to relax after a hard days work and what's better than coming home, flashing up a few candles, kicking back and taking in all that serenity, tranquility and ambiance feeling without the worry of kids, pets or visitors knocking over the candle and setting fire to the place, not to mention that the fumes are not that good for certain pets like birds!

There are many different kinds of candles on today's market, candles such as Flameless Scented Candles, Decorative Flameless Candles, LED Candles and much more, lighten your load and fall into a sense of peacefulness as you browse through this page!

Photo Credit: Bill Armstrong

Buddha Flameless Led Wax Candle With Timer - Battery Operated Candles

Bring serenity to your home with this Buddha Flameless Candle, children and pet safe, and you can say bye bye to the open and sometimes dangerous flame candles, not to mention the melting wax or fumes/soot from the wicks.

GiveU Meditating Thai Sitting Buddha Decor,Led Light with Timer,13" Height
GiveU Meditating Thai Sitting Buddha Decor,Led Light with Timer,13" Height

I love this one!

Your home will always look peaceful and calm with a flameless candle, a safe and or alternative choice to some of those costly and what could be considered as dangerous open flamed candles!

My Buddha Flameless candle takes pride on one of my display tables, and it did come with the small flameless candle!

Lots of nice comments from visitors and a few have actually made a purchase of the Buddha Flameless Candle..

There is only one five star review to date and that is from yours truly, for the price and for the flickering peaceful and tranquility you get fom this, I think it's a great buy!


Flameless Scented LED Candles

Battery Candles

Here are some of my favorites in flameless scented candles. They look like the real thing, the flame is soft, warm and the movement mimics a real like flame, they are made of wax and gives a great sense of tranquility when they come on at night, set the timer once and there will be no need to remember to light the candles before your visitors arrive.
They also make a great night light and you will never need to worry about that open flame ever again.
These LED candles make excellent gifts!

Luminara Wax Candle

7.5" Ivory Luminara Flickering Flameless Vanilla Scented Pillar Candle
7.5" Ivory Luminara Flickering Flameless Vanilla Scented Pillar Candle

Luminara is quiet a popular name in the world of flameless LED candles, they are pretty realistic, and you really need experience the tranquility these deliver.

You do get a nice scent for a while but eventually that wears off, mine did and others have also reported this, this is not a deal breaker!

There is over two hundred five star reviews for this guy, so proof is in the reading.

I use these indoors and outside on the balcony, granted not a great deal of light outside but certainly provides a nice peaceful effect when kicking back with a nice drink.


Bethlehem Lighting Luminara Wax Candle

Bethlehem Lighting GKI Luminara Wax Candle, 3.5 by 5-Inch, Pink
Bethlehem Lighting GKI Luminara Wax Candle, 3.5 by 5-Inch, Pink

Much like it's brother above this flameless candle is getting some pretty good reviews, so far over three hundred five star reviews received.

They come at a very reasonable price, I could harp on about the tranquility that is provided but you will probably have read all about that.

The price is reasonable and people just seem to love them.

Safety in mind if you have kids or pets running around and you never have to worry if you have left it on or not, the flame is so realistic, the timer works pretty good so far, although a few have reported that they have had issues.

Still a fairly good deal for the price!


So What's all the Hype about Flameless Candles?

  • Q: Why should we pick a flameless candle over a traditional candles?

    A: Well, first of all they are much safer, no open flame. They are aesthetically superior to candles that melt and give off smoke or soot, they will cost you less in the long run and you don't lose the ambiance associated with them.

  • Q: What are the Scented Flameless Candles made from?

    A: They are made from paraffin wax, much like your traditional candles.

  • Q: How are the Flameless Candles powered? and how long will the LED lights last for?

    A: Most of these candles use alkaline or lithium-ion batteries and the LED lights are expected to last for a long long time, anywhere upwards of 10 years.

  • Q: There are many various types of flameless candles, what are some of the highlights?

    A: LED light technology - Programmable Timers - Dimmer Adjusters and Remote Control.

3 Weatherproof Outdoor and Indoor Candles with Remote Control

Frostfire Mooncandles - 3 Weatherproof Outdoor and Indoor Candles with Remote Control & Timer
Frostfire Mooncandles - 3 Weatherproof Outdoor and Indoor Candles with Remote Control & Timer

With nearly two hundred five star positive reviews I had to look at these guy's.

I read the reviews with interest, and checked the price to see if it was correct, sure enough, so I made a couple of purchases for friends and was not disappointing, so much so I purchased more for family members.

Love the flickering light, and the remote control was a big bonus for Mum.

There was some concerns over battery life, but I think you shall be pleasantly surprised that you get a reasonable time frame with the three batteries per candle that they use.

For this price and what your getting, how can you go wrong!


Flameless Solar Powered & Battery Operated Indoor or Outdoor Candle

Large Flameless Solar Powered & Battery Operated Indoor or Outdoor Candle Pillar Lantern
Large Flameless Solar Powered & Battery Operated Indoor or Outdoor Candle Pillar Lantern

OK so from what knowledge I have gained from various sources on this Solar powered Candle I am thinking it's not a bad deal.

There is only three five star positive reviews here to go on, but I found a couple in other locations. I have not made a purchase and I am hoping to find this in one of the stores I frequent so as I can give a more positive review, after all this costs more than a few bucks and for what money you are paying you want to make sure your getting a good deal.

Having said all of that, I again refer to the reviews already here, nice quality, nice lighting provided and one awesome comment!


Outdoor Flameless Candle - Solar Powered Candle - Battery Operated Candle

Not just for outdoors, this LED raindrop glass panel cast aluminum is actually solar powered as well as battery operated when used indoors. You have the main LED bulb and an additional four LED bulbs located at the top for that extra illumination when outdoors.

This candle lantern not only looks great, it's of nice quality and comes at a reasonable price. If your looking for a gift for the garden then this one will get lots of approval!

Outdoor/Indoor Flameless LED Candle Lantern
Outdoor/Indoor Flameless LED Candle Lantern

Grab a seat in the garden, have this switched on and feel the peacefulness as you gaze into the soft flickering light that emits a powerful and warm feeling.

This one is a little costly, as is pretty much the same as the one above. There is three five star positive reviews and one three star so far.

There is a LED bulb for accent lighting and you get an additional four LED bulbs at top of the lamp for that additional outdoor illumination.

Comes with nice raindrop glass panels, and is aluminum construction. If you looking for elegance on the porch or at the front door I think you will be pretty please with these.


Flameless Votive LED Candles

Flameless Votive LED Candles with Remote: Set of 3 Glass Jar
Flameless Votive LED Candles with Remote: Set of 3 Glass Jar

These ones are specifically for the Christmas period, three flickering flameless remote control candles at a very reasonable price, well I think so! and some nice reviews.

The remote works from a reasonable distance, and one point of interest, to save money on batteries I use the rechargeable type as I have mine on most of the time during dark hours.

I will let you into a little secret, although I have quiet a few flameless candles, I do still burn the regular scented candles, but restrict them to the bathroom and only use in the bedroom when I am present, other than that, I use these guys throughout the house and save on the electric bill to boot ;)


Flameless Candles

Outdoor LED Candles

Set the right mood with this variance of outdoor battery operated candles and illuminate all your outdoor entertainment without the worry of the wind blowing the lights out!
For those quiet nights and that romantic setting, use the amber flickering mode and get that realistic ambiance of any regular flame candle without the dripping wax or smoke.
Whether you use these candles inside or outside they will be the center of attraction!

Birch Bark Flameless Wax Battery Operated 6" LED Candles

Jim Shore Spring Themed Luminara Wax Candle LED Battery Operated - Decorative Flameless Candles

This outstanding decorative battery operated candle by Jim Shore is the ideal center piece for any dinner table.

Jim is known to be one of the premier artists in the gift and home décor department and he has certainly not let us down in the candle department.

Decorative Flameless Candles

Battery Operated Decorative Candles

Let your room greet you with a soft glow from one of these decorative flameless candles, no worry about wax or soot, no need to worry if they get knocked over, set the timer to suit your needs, also great for little night lights and they make terrific gifts!

Why not compliment your candles with a nice candelabra, place them in the center of your table, and you and your guests shall appreciate the beautiful glow, the atmosphere and tranquility that they deliver.

Traveling Innovations


Disney "Princess, Flower Day" Cylinder Flameless Candle

Sarah Peyton Home, Flameless LED Candle Fountain - Peaceful Ambiance

A beautiful soothing sound of water flowing and the soft flickering glow adds that cozy and ambiance feeling to any room. This is a great center piece for anywhere, whether it's at home or in the office, personally I prefer my flameless candle fountain in my bathroom as it compliments the décor and the guests always have something to talk about when they exit!

Sarah Peyton Home, Flameless LED Candle Fountain
Sarah Peyton Home, Flameless LED Candle Fountain

You can place this beautiful Candle Fountain anywhere as it runs on batteries and pretty much child proof! Some mixed reviews on the product but in my mind it's a good deal for the price!


Disney Cars Night Light / Flameless Candle

Do you think you can move from a Flame Candle to a Flameless Candle? - Have I got you thinking?

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    • sha-ron profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens, flame-less candles are the way to go so much safer

    • Bill Armstrong profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Armstrong 

      5 years ago from Valencia, California

      @jen17 lm: Thanks for the visit and nice hear you are also a fan of flameless candles, agree a great alternative and safe option

    • jen17 lm profile image

      jen17 lm 

      5 years ago

      Very nice lens! I have some flameless candles at home, they are the tall pillar kind and if you put them up quite high, like on a mantlepiece, you can't tell if they are real or not. This is a great compromise for people with small kids or pets, as real candles can be quite a hazard when they are around!

    • Bill Armstrong profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Armstrong 

      5 years ago from Valencia, California

      @Gypzeerose: Thank you for your visit and kind comments

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      5 years ago

      These are truly beautiful, and I have never seen them. Flameless - yet pretty candles! What will they think of next!

    • Bill Armstrong profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Armstrong 

      5 years ago from Valencia, California

      @jptanabe: Can't agree more, I have slowly been ditching all my flame candles and replacing them with the more environmental friendly flameless candles, two new arrive next week and will post pictures, thanks for visiting page!

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 

      5 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      I love the idea of flameless candles! Much safer than flame candles, especially with children or pets in the house!


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