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Outdoor Bar Ideas, Pictures and How To Make an Outdoor Bar

Updated on July 4, 2013

Cool and Stylish Outdoor Bar Ideas

Are you looking for Outdoor Bar Ideas? If you enjoy entertaining your family and friends, a stylish outdoor bar would make an awesome addition to your garden.

I love my garden, especially when the sun is shining. My outdoor bar is my little luxury where I can relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

Imagine those warm sunny evenings serving cocktails or your favorite beverage from your very own bar. There are many beautiful designs to choose from to suit your garden décor and your personal choice.

Scroll down the page to view my personal selection or view the Table of Contents below.

Image courtesy of Amazon: Featured here: Best of Times NY Giants Deluxe Bar


Tiki Bar

I just love this bar! It reminds me of being on holiday in Turkey. When I first started going to a tiny little village called Hisaronu, all the little hotels had bars just like this. The village has since got a lot bigger as have the bars.

I am going to persuade my husband to get this one, even though we already have a homemade bar in our summer house. This would look absolutely great on our patio area where we spend many hours relaxing around our patio table munching on barbeque food and sipping drinks of our choice.

3-Piece Eucalyptus Outdoor Bar Set

Durability is without doubt something that should always be taken into consideration when purchasing many types of products and our outdoor entertainment is no exception. This attractive 3 piece bar set, "The Montego bay" is one such candidate due to resistance to natural water.


Rattan Cool Bar Outdoor Accessory

This is similar to the type of cool bar that my brother often enjoys when putting on a barbeque for the family. It has just about everything you could think of and more.

You have the coffee table for those who might not want to partake in a tipple or two, which can be served from the cocktail table/bar.

Not only will you use this combi set for barbeques, this will be really handy for just lounging by the pool or in a shady corner of the garden during the day or warm sunny evenings.

Portable Outdoor Bar

If speed is important to you, such as a spur of the moment need to have a bar set up, then the GoBar could be your answer. Great for last minute arrangements as these bars can be set up in just under a minute.

GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar,  Includes 3 Front Skirts and Carrying Case
GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar, Includes 3 Front Skirts and Carrying Case

Although you will have the choice of using any of the 3 front skirts that come supplied with this bar, with a little imagination you could make your own to match any occasion you can think of i.e. themed birthday celbrations.The flexibility of the changeable skirts allows the bar to be used at many different functions or family events as they occur. Add this to the portability of this item and you will have a bar or a trade show counter wherever you go.



Zuo Negril Bar Espresso

I must admit that every time I come across a bar in the style of the Zuo Negril featured here, I always think of another period in time, namely the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30's.

This particular model is made from a synthetic weave that has been treated to give protection from various weather conditions including protection from UV rays.

If you needed to have a larger bar, then the Zuo Negril can be extended to whatever length of bar you desire by adding more of these link on modules, complete with their 10mm glass tops.

3 Piece Set with Bamboo Tiki Bar

Back to Tiki style with this bar stool set, being made from traditional bamboo material gives it that tropical flavour. Create your own little piece of tropical heaven in a corner of your own backyard. Add a few of the right type of plants and your good to go.

3 Piece Set with Bamboo Tiki Bar
3 Piece Set with Bamboo Tiki Bar

Comes complete with a pair of 28 inches high matching bamboo bar type stools, which incidentally you can order extras of, if you needed more.The legs have been fitted with wheels to make the bar even more portable. Perhaps designed for someone to push the bar up towards your lounger and top up your cocktail glass as you relax. Just a thought.


48 Cocktails to make at home

Entertain your family and friends with cocktails in the garden.

Click Here for 48 cocktail recipes

Want More Options?

Check out these popular garden bars - This shows some more outdoor bar ideas that you might be interested in. Choosing a style depends a lot on personal preference as well as the the space you have available in your backyard. I hope you find one you like and wish you many hours of relaxing with a nice long cool drink.

How to make a Garden Bar - For anyone who wants to build one themselves

Happy Entertaining! - Do you enjoy summer entertaining and barbeques? Do you have any Outdoor Bar Ideas?

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