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Relax in an Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

Updated on October 31, 2015

The Top Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs Must Haves for the Perfect Relaxing Experience

What makes an Outdoor Chaise Lounge great? There are many qualities that I think make a lounger top rate. Among them are comfort, safety, durability and style. Some of these should be consistent no matter what the colour, design or cost of your chaise lounge.

I love to relax outside with a cool drink in my hand on a hot summers day. Sometimes I like to work outside too if the weather is nice as it beats being inside. That is when I need a canopy so I can see what I am doing and to reduce glare.

Photo by Amazon.

Passing the Time on a Chaise

One of my favourite pastimes is whiling away a summers day chilled out on my chaise lounge. With a cool drink in hand and sometimes shading overhead I just watch the butterflies and bees or the clouds drifting overhead. Occasionally maybe I will study or read.

Of course I only have a cheap one that I can remove from the garden and put back out when I need to yet it serves a purpose. It is a great way to think or just to chill. My cat loves mine so sometimes I find myself sitting on the floor on slate tiles instead wile the cat chills out enjoying the sun.

If you love the outdoors yet sometimes want a bit of comfort then an outdoor chaise lounge is for you.

A dream of an Outdoor Chaise Lounge

My Top 5 Outdoor Lounge Chair Must Haves

I think that a great experience with a chaise lounge must mean that it is designed with some things in mind. Having a simple one I know the pitfalls of a less than perfect lounger. So I have reversed these to see what a perfect one would be like and the cream one shown here pretty much fits the bill.

  1. Comfort is Vital

    Comfort is king when it comes to loungers as without comfort there is no point in having them. Everyone will be different where comfort is concerned. but it should be padded

  2. Safety is a must

    Loungers must be designed so that you don't jam your fingers and so that the chair opens and stays that way without slipping.

  3. Well Built and lasting

    Sturdy framework is a must. Flimsy furniture is no good.

  4. Must be able to Remain Outside

    My ideal would be to have the space for a permanently outside lounger so it needs to be designed to stay outside no matter what the weather. It must be both rust and fade resistant.

  5. Support of the Whole Body

    Must support the head and the body as there is nothing worse than bars across the head or having to hold the body stiff so you don't slide.

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      pufek77 lm 5 years ago

      Those are great for relaxing...

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