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Outdoor Storage bench

Updated on January 14, 2015

Outdoor Storage Bench

My dad is a man who is too enthusiastic to take all kind of DIY concepts to a new heights. He has delivered a few fantastic products in his endeavour to take his DIY expertise to a higher level. Not to mention that many a times, he has also created havoc when he tried to go into some field a bit too foreign to him. We have a huge garden and once he thought of beautifying the whole garden all by himself. I would like to let you know that he had never before done any job related to carpentry. So, he decided to remove clutter from the garden. Most of the clutter consisted of tools which he had bought for his earlier DIY adventures. They were all locked in various parts of the garden in ugly looking storage boxes. So part of our garden used to look like a junk yard rather than a garden. He decided that we need elegant looking Outdoor storage bench which can be used for storage along with a seating arrangement for relaxing on sunny weekends. Although what he ended up was a good elegant looking storage space unlike our old ugly looking storage boxes but inspite of trying his best, he could not add that extra feature of seating arrangement on these storage boxes. Stability was always an issue. Either, you needed to push it to the wall to provide support to his outdoor storage bench before you sit on it or sometimes you needed to insert a wooden plank under one of its legs to make it stable.

No one dared to sit on his outdoor storage bench except he himself only to prove the worthiness of his creation. We all love him whenever we see that little child in him who is boosting that his ugly toy car is the best in the world.

I created this lens to give him some ideas about outdoor storage benches, so that he has some fundamental basics before he tries his next adventure.

Outdoor storage bench near your swimming pool.
Outdoor storage bench near your swimming pool.

Why we need Outdoor storage bench

My dad's style of having a peace as well as exciting weekend is quite unique and with time I have started agreeing with him. He says, weekend is for relaxing and I dont find any better place to relax than my own home. Instead of driving to a beach or a public garden, he prefers to relax in his own little garden. I agree because when you go out to relax, half of your energy is wasted in driving to these places and by the time you start relaxing, it is time to drive back home. If you create that inviting environment around your house, then you would like to relax in your very place. Just imagine sitting in your garden on a sunny day, relaxing with glass of cool wine. Outdoor storage bench plays a very important role in creating that ambience around your house. Imagine having a outdoor storage bench under the tree where you can relax and at the same time store your gardening tools. Or have a outdoor storage bench near your swimming pool where you can relax with sunday news paper and store all your children's pool toys in its belly. Everything is stored neatly but always available when required.

Get your wood working plan readymade
Get your wood working plan readymade

Are your wood working DIY plans ready?

And you do not know where to begin?

I came across this website where there are over 16000 woodworking plans woodworking plans are ready for you to download. I know you can also make these plans but I don't believe in re-inventing the wheels and wasting my time. These plans are ready with sketches, schematics, blue prints and required tools and materials. Not only this but they include videos to show the whole process.

Click here to read and watch the details of Teds woodworking details.

DIY books on Outdoor storage bench

Everybody is not an expert carpenter but we all love DIY projects. In New zealand we call it that DIY is in our DNA. If you are struggling in your furniture / outdoor storage benches DIY projects or you are unable to find that initial motivation required to start the project, these books will help you begin.

Home and garden
Home and garden

Great Home and Garden Year End Deal at Amazon

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Beethoven enjoying his new home
Beethoven enjoying his new home

My First DIY effort in Making Outdoor Furniture

I am very bad in building things related to carpentry, masonry etc. But somewhere I had to beging. So I started with an outdoor hutch for my bunny Beethoven. The end result was not excellent but not bad either. Infact I like its rustic look. Not only me but even Beethoven loves his new home under the sun where he can pluck his own grass to eat.

However, I leave the final verdict in your hands. You decide how many marks you will give me out of 100. But bear in mind, this is my first effort.

Latest and best of Outdoor storage bench and sheds

I love browsing through outdoor storage related gadgets and their decoration themes. I will keep you updated here as and when I come across something unusually useful and elegant.

You will not feel like calling this a storage unit as it looks an elegant part of your house. It has many sky lights providing enough of natural light during the day. The floor is made of hardened polythelene preventing cracks. There are many shelves on the walls and the door is made of iron to keep your things safe.

I made this video on Outdoor Storage bench in case you prefer to watch than read

Outdoor storage bench on eBay

I never forget check good deals on ebay before I search anywhere else.

Watch Teds Woodworking

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