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Pull Down Behind The Door Ironing Boards Fit Over A Door and Fold Up For Storage

Updated on July 3, 2013

No matter how small your dwelling there is always one storage space which always gets forgotten and that's behind a door. Over the door ironing board tables fold down to provide a horizontal flat clothes pressing surface so you can iron the wrinkles out of your clothing and then, when you are finished, they fold up again to lay flat in a vertical position so you can open and close the door without it getting in the way.

This innovative idea turns the back of any door into an all in one ironing board, hanger and storage location, neatly solving the problem of storing your ironing board and saving space at the same time. Its a great cheap alternative to wall mounted ironing board closet stations and provides a more traditional ironing surface than a tabletop ironing board.

You can find a wide range of behind the door mounted ironing boards for sale by clicking here or by reading down the rest of this page which highlights some of the pros and cons of these types of ironing board and offers reviews of some of the best selling door mounted ironing boards.

Homz Over-The-Door Ironing Board 42" L X 14" W Blue
Homz Over-The-Door Ironing Board 42" L X 14" W Blue

You have just got to love just how convenient this door mounted ironing board is. It installs in a heartbeat without the need for tools and once it is in place there is no need to touch it again. Pull it down to use it, push it back up against to stow it away. Perfect! Many of its owners say they use it as a closet door ironing board which is a really good idea for storing it completely out of the way. Close the closet door and you would never know it was there, open it and hey presto! You've got yourself an ironing board again. The only complaints some have is that it makes a loud clicking sound when you raise and lower it. Bad if you're ironing in a room full of sleeping people (why you would do this is anyone's guess) but otherwise nothing to worry about.


How To Use An Over The Door Ironing Board

There are a few simple things to consider when you buy and install one of these.

Firstly, you want to make sure you use a door which is close to a power source. This may sound like a no-brainer but with a traditional portable ironing board you carry it around and place it where the plug socket is. With a door mounted ironing board you are restricted entirely by the location of the door so you'll want to use one with a power socket near by or be prepared to use an extension cord.

You also always want to attach your ironing board behind a door which can be closed and kept closed whilst you use it. An open door is not very stable and will make ironing a nuisance as it swings around on its hinges. A closed door makes a much more stable ironing location but you'll also want to make sure everyone else in the house knows not to come bursting through as well as that could prove dangerous.

Right handed or left handed? You will need to consider whether you can position yourself on the side which you are most comfortable ironing in when you fold open the ironing board. Are there any items of furniture in the way or will it obstruct a walkway or other doors? You will also need to make sure you can comfortably pull down the ironing board without bumping into furniture etc.

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  • tenoclock profile image


    5 years ago

    These are pretty cool.

  • flinnie lm profile image

    Gloria Freeman 

    6 years ago from Alabama USA

    Hi this is a good thing.


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