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Overcoming Procrastination

Updated on January 9, 2011

Just plain laziness

Let's Call it What it Is, Laziness

First of all, in order to overcome pocrastinating let us call it what it is which is being just down right lazy. It is my philosophy that no matter how hard a job is, if you have the capacity to do it there is no excuse for not doing it if you know you can get it done. It is just a matter of determining that you will do it within a reasonable amount of time. I am goiing to try to help you cope with getting a task done. Let us start out with simple tasks such as moeing the lawn, taking out the garbage, cleaning out the garage. If these tasks seem monumental to you then you already have a serious problem. Before you can take on a huge task you must have the right attitude and the willingness to do simple labor. Whenever you know that you have spare time, always make good use of it. For example if you have a large yard and are using a push moer take the time to at least get part of the job done. Do enough of this job so that you will feel satisified that you have put a reasonable about of time and effort into it. In choosing this job you know that you cannot afford to only do half of the job so be sure that you have enough spare time to compete the job. The key to getting any job done is knowing you have nothing you really need to do and starting a task will give you a jump on getting it done rather than coming to realize you could have been using spare time that you lost and that is what makes looking at a task so difficult. I found that performing a task during spare time makes me want to do as much of it as I can and in some cases I get it all done. It leads to a since of accomplishment and gratification knowing that you put this task behind you. The more you are willing to use your spare time and do much simplier tasks the more you will overcome laziness.

Graduating to Larger Tasks.

In doing a much larger task such as, for instance building or landscaping, painting or gardening, knowing in your mind how you will go about it can make a difference in getting it done. In other words, know something about what you are about to do. Have a kind of blueprint laid out in your mind and take notes and try to plan on it step by step. In saying this I know that all tasks will not work exactly out as planned but having some idea about devising your work and work schedule will help you to get ahead of dreading the task and not wanting to do it. If the task is to large to do at one time, divide your time up and try to do at least nearly as 50 percent of the task as you can. Don't just do a very small amout and try to reward yourself for just doing some of it. Feel good about not just wasting your time. Make your time worth while. While I do know that contingencies can occur try to choose a time that you know you can do a lot of work and be sinsable about it. An outdoor job that can be done in the early morning before it gets too hot should be done at that time unless not possible. If possible schedule the amount of time you can work on certain parts of the task. Try as much as you can to stick within  that schedule. When you find that you can say for instance I will spend an hour on this portion and I will begin at, let's say Saturday at 8am, you are regimenting yourself to assigning a work order as you would have your boss do for you on your job. I have discussed the primary issues of this article now the secondary part would be getting help that you know you can depend on if you need it. In doing a large task give yourself an evenly divided amount of breaks but don't get distracted. Do not shorten or lengthen your breaks. Let's some it up now. Before taking on a large task be honest to yourself by knowing how willing you are to do frequent simple tasks without unnecrssary distractions and excuses. Have the ability to do the larger tasks that you are planning and create a plan about how you will go about it. Devise a schedule to determine how much time you will spend on each part of the task once you have set a starting time. Set aside breaks once you have put in an sufficiant amount of time between breaks. Lastly if you need help get someone that is dependable and co-operative in helping you get the job done. If you really want to make a difference in creating more time for you and your family, using this practice can not only bring self satisfaction and gratification but it will set an example for your family as well. This is not only a philosophy that I have always had but lots of large corporations are using this approach in helping their productive workers get more work done. While this approach cannot always work for common laborers some of the expectations that your superiors put upon you can help you in getting the motivation to do a task that should have more personal meaning to you. When I say this I mean doing something that makes you feel proud about the home you live in and making a place your family can be happy and cheerful about living in, and also be proud of.. After all its your home and there is no plance on earth like home.


Your work says a lot about you


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