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Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Updated on May 13, 2015

The Best Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead garage storage is one of the last frontiers in the garage. This type of storage is great for season items that needs to be out of the way for an extended period of time. Things like, Christmas Ornaments, Patio Furniture, and Halloween decorations are great things to store overhead out of the way of kids, pets, and rodents.

There are a few different types of overhead storage. You can fix the storage to the ceiling so you need a ladder to acces. There are lifts and overhead storage devices that will also double as a vehicle luggage rack storage.

Pair these up with garage storage ideas, bike storage ideas, or kayak storage ideas, these devices will help you get rid of that offsite storage area.

MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage

MonsterRax 4x8 foot overhead garage storage rack is bolted to the ceiling rafters. You will need a ladder to access the storage area. The 21 inch height and the 600 pound capacity is great for storing all kinds of things. If you put items in containers before storage, make sure there is some clearance so they can be tilted to get in and out. There are also version with 31 inch height and nets to go around the storage.

Racor Power Lift Overhead Storage

If you are not a ladder climber and you still need some ceiling storage then the Racor Power Lift is for you. Power lifts however are typically smaller like 4x4 and their storage capacity is much less as this one's capacity is 76 pounds. You are still using the pulleys to bring the storage area up and down off of the ceiling.

Motorized Ceiling Storage by Garage Gator

Not one to use muscles to lift things up and down. You are in the market for a Garage Gator motorized celing storage for the garage. This particular model has different hooks that allow you to hook the items you want to store and then using the motorized winch to raise and lower your items

Storage for Sports Equipment

Storing sports equipment is easy as there are many devices to take your skis, bicycles and kayaks and put them on the ceiling out of the way of cars, kids, and pets.

Thule Car Roof Cargo Storage Lift

If you have ever struggled with unhooking your car's roof storage, then you can use this device and it will store on the ceiling for you. The actual storage device doesn't come with this lift.

What do you store in your garage?

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    • lucille12 profile image

      lucille12 2 years ago

      Every good idea needs a plan and for your garage organization system you need good garage organization ideas.

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