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The 3 Best Ozone Machine Air Cleaners

Updated on September 20, 2014

How does a ozone generating machine work?

A ozone machine generates ozone by splitting oxygen atoms,through with electricity. The single atoms can then combine with oxygen (O2) to create ozone (O3), which a molecule made of three oxygen atoms.

It exists in the upper atmosphere and in your body where it is used in minute quantities by your white blood cells as a weapon. Ozone is created in the atmosphere through UV light but it can also be artificially produced by a ozone machine by electric discharge. If you want to visualize what ozone does, think acid. Ozone is effective against bacteria and other microorganisms where it breaks down cell walls.

The product shown to above is the Sylvan 3500mg/hr ozone generator which is a commercial and extremely powerful machine that I would not recommend using as your home air purifier. It is designed for high-impact use which nukes up to 160,000 cubic feet with a corona blast which you do not want to be in when it happens.

If you are looking for a commercial unit to purify locations with it will do the job but for the rest of us, a consumer level air purifier is what we need.

Ionic wall socket plugin ozone machine
Ionic wall socket plugin ozone machine

Best-selling small ozone machine

Ozone maker nr.1

GreenTech Environmental GT know how to make a market leading ozone machine at reasonable cost.

GT currently has 3 highly popular products that improve air quality. These are ionic ozone machines and not air filters. In the simplest of terms, one can say that they are air disinfectants, not particle filters.

I am rating the GT50 mini ozone machine as the nr.1 choice because it is affordable yet delivers the basic functions you want (ionization and ozone).

GT also make more powerful units which are highly rated:

GT50 Professional-Grade Portable Advanced Air Purification System by GreenTech Environmental
GT50 Professional-Grade Portable Advanced Air Purification System by GreenTech Environmental

The GT50 ionizer plugs directly into a electric wall socket is designed to handle 50 square feet. The small size makes it very easy to move between rooms (you don't need to run a ozone machine all the time).


How to use a ozone machine

The Ozone molecule ( 3 Oxygen atoms ) is a powerful oxidant which may be harmful in high concentrations.

You should therefore only switch on the ozone generator when the house is empty. Some air purifiers have air filters AND a ozone generator. Simply leave the ozone function off when the house is inhabited.

So, switch it on and go to work. Come home and turn it off.

GT 1500 Medium Room Ozone Air Purifier

The mini from GreenTech is a solid bestseller but they also make bigger units which are high quality air purifiers.

The GT-1500 Ionic Ozone Generator is suitable for areas of 250 - 1500 square. feet.

It uses multiple purification methods to effectively zap pollen, bad odor, bacteria and microbes including Legionella and Cryptosporidium.

GT 3000 Whole-House Pro Ozone Machine

If you need to purify the air in areas between 250 and 3000 square feet then the GT3000 High-Volume Ionic Ozone Machine is all you need.

This is a expensive but powerful ozone machine that will blast the premises and effectively purify the breathing air. Comes with a remote and easy to use panel controls for settings and timer.

Ozone in high concentrations can be harmful and having a potent machine like the GT3000 means you should be especially strict on how you use it. My recommendation is to have it switched on when the house is vacated and shut it off when you get home.

Ozone Machine nr. 2

Small ozone air and water purifyer for home
Small ozone air and water purifyer for home
A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator
A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator

Multi purpose ozone machine for home, RV's, cabins with built-in timer. Supports purification of both air and water. Available in different voltages depending on where you live.

Microlux ozone generating machine
Microlux ozone generating machine

Microlux Hepa Air Purifier and Ozone Machine

The Microlux purifier has a 3000 sq ft capacity and no less than 7 (seven!) purification methods including true HEPA filter, dual UV purifiers and a ozone plate.

Really clean air needs to be both filtered and purified. The many layers that the air passes through the Microlux ozone + filter air purifier before it is released back into the room means you get clean breathing air that is extremely well scrubbed of particles, odors, fibres, microbes, pollen, bacteria, etc.

The many reviews on the Microlux show that people are happy with it.There is a reason why this ozone machine / filter sits firmly on the HEPA best-seller list. Quality.

Are cheap ozone machines safe?

The price range within the air purifier market is pretty wide and ozone machines can cost anywhere from 30 - 40 dollars up to several hundred dollars. But why are some units expensive while others cost less than a family meal, and do cheap ozone machines work?

Yes, a cheap ozone machine will probably work as making ozone is pretty easy. The problem is, they may work too well and too much ozone is not good for you. A budget machine will have less technology in it, less sensors to measure output, and probably undergo less quality control in the factory. A simple and cheap product made to vague specifications also risks breaking down - what if the unit goes haywire and starts producing ozone 24/7? That is a potential health hazard.

Ozone dangers & info

- safe ozone levels should not be above 0.05 ppm

- too much ozone may cause respiratory problems

- may degrade plastics, rubber, etc

- too much will harm plants

- useful to combat biological pollutants

- kills bad smell on fabrics (couch, clothes, etc)

- ozone half-life is about 30 min.

Ionic Air Ozone machine by Living Freash
Ionic Air Ozone machine by Living Freash

Living Fresh Ionic Air Purifier

Ozone machine nr.3

The Living Fresh Air Purifying Machine does 2 things: it ionizes air, and it makes ozone. This is a powerful beast that handles 3500 square feet (one reviewers has used it on 4000 ft with good results).

This is the Moog of the ozone machines and although it packs a punch under the hood it is affordable due to a minimum of controls and wood casing.

But, this ozone generator has no timer! I would choose to NOT be in the vicinity when such a powerful unit starts to crank out ozone. You only option is to connect it to mains through a socket timer.

This is a powerful unit that freshens your home effectively. The only downside is that you have to vacate the premises when you use it on account of its power.

How is the air in your home?

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    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 

      6 years ago from Ljubljana

      Not as good as it should be, I am afraid. thanks for sharing so many ideas to improve it. Ozone machines can be of great help!


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