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Patio Umbrella with Lights

Updated on January 23, 2016

Outdoor sunshade umbrellas with lights

Spring is nearly upon us and summer is just around the corner and we are already dreaming of sunny weekends relaxing in the garden with a cool drink and a book or warm evenings on the patio with friends for drinks or barbecues. A large patio umbrella is certainly a must for these lovely sunny days spent outside. But what if there was such an umbrella which could provide you with some shade and protect you from the sun during the day and also provide you with extra light in the evening? Well, there is!! It is now possible for you to enjoy your summer evenings outside relaxing, dining, even reading without the fuss and hassle of extra wiring and power extentions necessary for the extra lighting you may need.

A large patio umbrella with solar powered led lights! Just brilliant! Read on to find out more and see where you can get these must have summer items!

Buy it on Amazon

Top rated outdoor umbrella with lights on Amazon

Large 9 foot diameter umbrella with 38 mm aluminum pole and 8 mm aluminum ribs. It features five solar powered led lights on each rib (40 lights in total). No electricity needed. The lights are bright enough for reading, last 9-12 hours and are controlled by a on-off switch. Opens with a standard crank mechanism and can be tilted to any angle. Waterproof and UV safe polyester fabric available in black, burgundy, tan and taupe color.

Do you need a sunshade umbrella with lights?

I practically live outside in spring and summer. I love gardening in the day and enjoying my garden at all times. I love being on my own with a drink and a book in the shade, or inviting friends over in the evening for dinner or drinks. I prefer a natural look to my patio and garden and for this reason I was always against too many and too bright lights outside. I enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden at night and the sound of night creatures going about their business in the darker corners and I have always favored solar powered lanterns or candles over bright artificial light.

There are times however when I feel that this arrangement is not enough and that I could do with some extra light in places, especially when I want to read in the evening or when organizing a dinner party or a birthday party for the kids. Sometimes, the lack of strong enough lighting forces us inside at some point in the evening, which is such a shame given how short and beautiful these summer nights are outside.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I was shopping around for a new sun umbrella this year and came across these lovely and so convenient patio umbrellas with lights! Such a simple and just brilliant idea, providing you with enough light to do anything you want to, yet discreet enough not to impair your night vision! I bough two of them, one for each of my umbrella tables and now I have enough light in my garden whenever and wherever I need it!

An outdoor umbrella with lights?

What do you think of these? Would you buy a patio umbrella with lights for your home?

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Galtech 11-ft. Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella with LED Umbrella Lights - Sunbrella Black
Galtech 11-ft. Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella with LED Umbrella Lights - Sunbrella Black

This huge brightly lit umbrella will give a definite touch of elegance and comfort to your patio, deck or garden this summer


Extra large patio umbrella with lights - Led powered 11 foot market umbrella

Another favorite of mine, first of all because it is huge! 11 feet diameter will definitely give you and your friends enough shade during the day and light up your evenings discreetly and romantically yet very brightly. This beautiful outdoor umbrella has no consumer reviews on Amazon, probably because it is the most expensive outdoor umbrella on the site! Nevrtheless, it is a very high quality, very well constructed and durable umbrella with sunbrella fabric in a choice of colors, an aluminum pole in antique bronze finish and an auto-tilt feature for ease of use. The led lighting system is not solar powered, instead there is a 20-foot cord included which can be plugged into any standard grounded power outlet.

Some of the sun umbrellas featured on this page have thicker than normal poles (up to 48mm) and will just barely fit standard umbrella tables but are too large to fit standard sun umbrella bases. Be sure to choose an umbrella base large enough to fit.

Patio Umbrellas with Lights on ebay - great deals on solar umbrellas

Large solar umbrellas for outside areas can be quite expensive, especially with led lighting. You can find some very good deals on ebay though.

Outdoor umbrella bases - Choose the right base for your new outdoor umbrella

Large outdoor umbrellas can be quite heavy and susceptible to strong winds and gales when open. You really need a strong and heavy base to keep them from blowing about, breaking and perhaps even causing extensive damage to the surrounding area. If you don't like the umbrella stands featured below, just click on the links and browse through many more choices on Amazon.

Patio Living Concepts 267 Unweighted 50-Pound-Capacity Umbrella Stand, Bronze
Patio Living Concepts 267 Unweighted 50-Pound-Capacity Umbrella Stand, Bronze

Available in a range of colors, it can be filled with sand for extra weight


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    • profile image

      Ruthi 4 years ago

      I love the idea of a solar powered patio table umbrella with lights! I spend a lot of time outdoors at night and this lighting will be great for the back patio.

    • LisaDH profile image

      LisaDH 4 years ago

      My patio umbrella has finally met its end. I never knew they made ones with lights, but now that I do, I think I might choose a lighted one to replace it. Thanks!

    • lkamom profile image

      Heather McGlaughlin 4 years ago from Marryland

      Love the ambiance an umbrella with lights would put by my pool at night time.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Very nice ... I live outdoors 12 months of the year .. I would love an umbrella with lights!