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Perfect Warming Blanket For The Cold Intolerant

Updated on September 14, 2014

Cold Uticaria is a Rare Condition of Being Allergic to the Cold

Do you know someone who is allergic to being cold?

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Can you really be allergic to the cold?

In short, the answer is yes. Some people are really allergic to the cold, otherwise known as cold uticaria. This condition causes its sufferers to break out in hives when exposed to cold temperatures as well as a variety of other symptoms such as shortness of breath, low blood pressure and in rare cases anaphylactic shock. I am unfortunately one of the rare sufferers of this disorder. While the Sunbeam mink/sherpa heated throw may not have solved my problem of being allergic to the cold, it sure has been a life saver when it comes to staying warm and fighting off the symptoms.

At this point I have become used to things that get me made fun of constantly. Like wearing a hoodie in the summer time~ in Arizona. Or fainting when I get out of a pool on a hot windy day. I have changed my routines to avoid being cold. I have even almost been fired from a job because I constantly wore a hoodie to keep warm. I had to prove it was a real condition, but in the end, they raised the temperature in the building during my shift. Its awkward being allergic to the cold, having to explain to people that I am broken out in hives because a little breeze came through causing me to get a chill, which caused an allergic reaction. Just like people are allergic to the sun and break out in heat rashes with exposure, I am allergic to the cold. Defined in my body as anything under 80 degrees.

The Sunbeam Heated Sherpa/Mink Throw Keeps Me Warm

I bought my sunbeam heated throw blanket with the intention to keep warm at night. Believe it or not, just rolling over onto a cold spot in bed for a few minutes while I am sleeping can trigger an allergic reaction and cause me to wake up. Sometimes I can't get back to bed, I toss and turn and keep my partner up for hours. Its really maddening actually. Since I started sleeping with this warming throw, I have been able to sleep through the night again. Its really ideal actually, in that this is a warming throw rather than a blanket, because I sleep with another person who is a heater in himself really doesn't need the added warmth; this throw is small enough that I can keep in on my side without making him suffer. Perfect.

Some other things I really like about my throw blanket are that I can wrap up, smoosh, fold and get comfy in this blanket in so many ways, but the coils never bother me. If you feel for them you can obviously find them, but they are super flexible and never get in the way of the comfort of the throw. There is never too much heat in one part of the throw or the other, and it self adjusts for pressure so as not too cause burns. The heat radiates really well through the entire blanket, and its stays warm even after the coils have cooled off. This warming blanket has really delivered more than I expected.

Best Features, in no particular order...

  • Thick luscious sherpa/mink reversible lining
  • Machine Washable~however, hand washing recommended
  • Unnoticeable coils
  • Small, but still full body coverage
  • Three heat settings
  • Smart sensors pressure detector
  • Auto shut-off

Could there possibly be a down side to this heated throw?

Possibly, if your not into doing laundry. This is a rather bulky item for being "a small throw" its actually super thick, plush and full of coils. The blanket disconnects from the power cord at the bottom which is not too complicated. However there is still a big connector on the blanket, which doesn't look like something I want to wash. Assuming the manufacturers know what's up, I followed the instructions for machine washing. Afterwards, you have to air dry it and stretch it back out to its original size a little. Time consuming- yes, but well worth the effort.

This is truly the coziest blanket I have ever owned

Electric Travel Blanket

Now that I have fallen in love with my warming blanket at home I have had the urge to buy one for when I am traveling, which I do a lot of. Sunbeam does not seem to have one that I have seen, so these are the ones I have been eyeballing for future purchase.

The Sunbeam Heated Sherpa Throw would also make a great gift this holiday season. Its perfect for people who are cold sensitive.

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    • davenjilli lm profile image

      davenjilli lm 

      4 years ago

      they help with the heating bill too


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