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Personalized Disney Blankets

Updated on December 26, 2013

Snuggle Up with Personalized Disney Blankets and Throws

Staying cozy and warm on a chilly night is more fun with a personalized Disney blanket! This page will show you some of the personalized Disney blankets available to be customized with your child's name or even a photo of your child. Your kids will love snuggling with their favorite characters. Blankets come with a variety of images, showing Disney Princesses, Jack Skellington, Tinkbell, or Lightning McQueen, just to name a few of the Disney stars you can get on your personalized blanket. Your kids will love it!

(Image of Disney blanket by Disney Store)

These Personalized Disney Blankets Include A Photo

Put your child's face on a blanket with their favorite character.

Pick a photo of your child and upload it to Wal-Mart to get one of these fun personalized Disney blankets featuring an image of your child with a Disney character. Blankets are available in four designs featuring Lightning McQueen, Disney Fairies, Buzz Lightyear or Disney Princesses. These 50 x 60 inch fleece blankets are machine washable and will keep your little one warm for many frosty nights as they snuggle with their Disney pal.

Personalized Disney Blankets on eBay - Find handmade blankets on eBay

If you'd like a personalized Disney blanket that you won't find in the stores, eBay is a great place to look. Many people hear will create quilts and blankets out of Disney fabric and personalize them with your child's name. For something really unique, this is a great place to shop. Just be sure to buy from a seller with a good trust rating.

More Personalized Disney Blankets

Put your child's name on these Disney blankets

These fleece Disney blankets can be embroidered with any name or word up to 10 characters, and are big enough (50 x 60 inches) to keep your kids warm while watching TV, playing video games or just snuggling on a cold night. You can customize and order them online from The Disney Store. Select your choice of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Lightning McQueen, Ariel, Cinderella, or Jack Skellington to create a customized Disney gift your child will love.

More Disney Blankets - Featuring your favorite Disney characters

Many other Disney blankets and throws are available without personalization featuring favorite characters like the Disney Princesses, Lightning McQueen and other CARS characters, and classic favorites like Mickey and Minnie. Here are some of the blankets available online.

Personalized Disney blankets

Need Some Slippers to Go With Your Blanket? - Disney slippers come in a variety of characters

Keep your toes warm with Stitch, Lightning McQueen or a Disney Princess. Disney slippers are available in various character for boys, girls and adults.

Disney Lilo & Stitch Slippers - Plush Stitch House Slippers
Disney Lilo & Stitch Slippers - Plush Stitch House Slippers

Very comfy and soft Stitch slippers from the movie Lilo & Stitch. Slippers have beaded texture rubber sole. Perfect for wearing around the house.


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Do You Keep Warm with Personalized Disney Blankets?

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