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Make Your Pets Life Eaiser with the Petstep Pet Delux

Updated on October 27, 2015

Plush Stairs

The Pet Steps Helps Your Pet Move More Freely

If your cat or dog is having difficulty in getting on the bed or couch because they are too small or have an illness or stiff joints then getting some pet steps will help to improve their life and keep them safe from hurting themselves when trying to get onto high objects.

Pets love to use pet steps as it gives them back their freedom and independence and means they can be closer to you.

They are also great if your pet is poorly and has to be careful about movement.

All photos curtesy of Amazon

Going Down

Dog Stairs for Beds, Couches and other Useful Places

These dog stairs for beds and couches are lovely and soft and a the height of 16" is just high enough for most dogs to reach the average height bed. This allows for the final step to be the bed itself. If you have a higher bed then you may need a higher set of steps.

The stars allow for up to 200lbs in weight which is more than suitable for many smaller dogs. Also they do not slide on carpet which will also make them feel more secure for your dog.

The stairs are quite sturdy so if your dogs feel insecure it may be due to their nature or their uncertainty for this new product or they may feel that the treads are not deep enough for their little feet. They may need some encouragement in the form of treats tor other positive training that you use to get them used to using their new present.

What I like about them is no assembly so you just pop them to where you want them and remove them if you need to clean or just use them elsewhere.

Also the cover can be removed for cleaning which as any pet owner knows is very necessary!

Stairs like this can help your cat or dog for many different reasons. Some pets like my cat have arthritis, which makes it difficult to get up to places sometimes

Some have bad joints for other reasons and having steps takes off the amount of pressure off their little legs and gives them back the freedom to use areas they would otherwise no longer be able to.

Bella Demonstrates How to Use the Steps - Pet Steps Are Pets Play!

Bella shows just how easy it is for your pet to use pet steps. Bella makes it look easy - because it is. Much easier than if she had to jump up to that high bed.

Although many cats would make light work of such a jump some older or injured cats also find it difficult and this is where having steps helps them too.

A Cat In Action

Cat Steps for Bed, Cozy Naps and Independence

As any cat owner will know cats are highly intelligent and very independent creatures - not to mention particular and fussy! I originally got cat steps especially so my cat would scratch them and not my actual stairs though of course some owners do not want their cats scratching the pet steps either.

Now I have an old cat who wishes to retain her independence and dignity I use cats steps for the bed so that she can come and go when she pleases. Holly does have arthritis and is on medication for it but sometimes it is still just all too much. Then and only then will she use the stairs but I have the comfort that they are there for when she does need them.

Of course cats catch on quickly but that does not mean that some encouragement may be required. It may mean just leaving the stairs for a while while your cat gets used tot he new smells.

Does the Petstep Slip?

I have both carpet and hard floors and pet steps are great for both as they do not slip on carpets and the carpet base means they do not scratch the landlords (or your) floors!

It is vital they do not slip as you would not want your pet to fall down the back of it or stumble if it moved.

Lager Stairs suitable for Dogs as Well

Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs, 4-Step for cats and dogs
Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs, 4-Step for cats and dogs

These larger stairs are also suitable for dogs as well as cats.


High Beds & Large Dogs & Small Cats!

High beds may be a problem as this may mean that there is too large a "step" for the last step which is the bed. If this is the case then it may pay to consider a larger model of pet stairs.

This my equally be the case if you have a larger dog that may find the stairs too small and too narrow. Although the stairs do hold 200 lb they may be just that too small for a large dog. Think about how your dog already uses existing stairs to gauge how they may uses these steps.

Pet Steps Suitable for High Beds

Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs
Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

Sometimes a little more hight is required and this with its extra stair would be the better choice.


Modern Stairs for your Pet

Armarkat Pet Steps, 4-steps, B4001, Ivory
Armarkat Pet Steps, 4-steps, B4001, Ivory

These look a bit steep for this poor little kitty. But I am sure being a cat he will manage just fine.


Not Just For Old Cats

When I wtote this originally, I wrote it because it came to mind for my old cat. But recently my sisters 1 year old got run over. His back leg was badly damaged and he was not allowed to jump. He used one of these steps to give him a bit of mobility and so he could get up on the sofa for cuddles!

He only needed the two step kind to get up to the sofa.

Two Steps

Helping You Get Some Rest Too

Giving your pet some extra independence can also help you. If they can get up themselves they will not disturb you crying to get up as much. This can result in less disturbed sleep for you. (Of course it will not stop them sitting on your head when it is time to be fed!)

Pet Movement Poll

Have you ever had and old kitty or dog that has needed that extra bit of help moving?

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Armarkat Pet Steps, 3-steps, B3001, Ivory
Armarkat Pet Steps, 3-steps, B3001, Ivory

These are a very modern alternative to the traditional plus kind and soft due to the fleece covering. This is strong and sturdy and will take the rough and tumble of cat life. Well spaced between levels.


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