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Philodendron Scandens

Updated on September 15, 2010

Philodendron Scandens is an evergreen plant native to Mexico in North America and many tropical parts of South America.


They are also known as Heart-leaf Philodendron or the Sweetheart Plant. Some other names include Philodendron hederaceum, Philodendron oxycardium, Philodendron Brazil and Philodendron micans. kletternder Philodendron and Philodendron cordatum Hort. are also one of its common names.

Now, what gives this plant so many names? Actually, there is about 200 year old discussion about the actual name of this plant and this discussion hasn't concluded till now. Collectors are yet to reach a decision about the true name of this plant. The name Philodendron hederaceum which was given to this plant in 1829 is considered accurate by many collectors.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Water: Watter thoroughly, especially in the growing season. If grown in hot climate areas, they will require regular and thorough watering.

Moister: As they are native to tropical America, the plants require humid conditions to thrive. So mist them on a regular basis.

Soil: Soil required is the one that will retain moisture despite being a well drained one. It also needs to be slightly on the acidic side. Add large amounts of peat moss to the soil. A preferred soil mix would be a combination of peat moss, loam and sand with peat moss making half of the mix and the other two making the other half combined.

Fertilizer Requirements: Do not fertilize during the winter season. Fertilize with liquid fertilizers during the growing season if necessary.

Re-potting: The plants need to be re-potted almost every year due to their vigorous growing, especially the younger plants require re-potting more often.

Light: In their natural habitat they grow under the shade of thick trees. Similarly keep them in partial shade areas where they can get indirect sunlight. However, these plants will adapt to a lot of light and growing conditions.

Moss Pole:A moss pole will allow the areal roots to cling to it like they cling to trees in their natural habitat.


Cutting and layering are popular methods of their propagation. Try propagating them during the growing season.


Philodendron Scandens is one of the most commonly grown Philodendron.

There is about 200 year old discussion going on about the true name of this plant.


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