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Picking a Commercial Oven

Updated on March 28, 2010

Running a commercial kitchen is very easy. So is climbing Mt. Everest and running a marathon. Now without trying to be funny; you will have to arrange a lot of things if you decide to run a restaurant or pizza shop. Before even thinking about picking a commercial oven measure and calculate everything.

Make up a menu in your head, have a list about what type of foods you will serve and what equipment is needed for that. Think about what type of oven will you need and what size it may be. Arrange everything in the kitchen on paper before you pay any money because high ticket appliances like this are hard to move around or fit somewhere else if you miscalculated.

There are different kinds of commercial ovens. Depending on purpose they have different sizes and variants. If you plan on running a pizza bakery you will obviously have to get a pizza oven. It is not so obvious to get a convection oven or the traditional wood and stone oven is the best fit. If you plan on having a high output restaurant a commercial convection oven might be the solution.

Oven Baked Pizza
Oven Baked Pizza

These are a bit more expensive than other varieties but will cook pizzas on lower temperatures and faster. There is a fan circulating hot air in the oven, which helps tear the thin layer of insulating cold air around the dish. It is the same mechanic that makes the wind feel much colder than the air actually is. This results in better and faster cooked meals and helps you ramp up the production in your kitchen.

These ovens are also available in half size and full size edition so if you want to make traditional foods you can have turbo oven made for those as well.

Before paying several thousand dollars on the key element of your dream kitchen check with a fire safety officer and get a checklist the oven has to pass. Check for these features because you will have regular inspections and ovens are put under scrutiny every time as it is the main culprit in restaurant fires.

Try to avoid getting used ovens unless you know the seller very well. This brings another point forward, warranty. The longer the warranty the better. Well known oven maker companies tend to offer longer warranty times because they are more confident in the quality of their product.

Since quality and long life span is what you are looking for in order to get return on the investment buying a little more expensive but more reliable oven is warmly recommended.

Photo used is taken by Samat J


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