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Upholstered Pink Chairs for Girls' Rooms

Updated on May 31, 2014

Be Seated: Girls' Pink Upholstered Chairs for Kids' Bedroom

Upholstered pink chairs like these are a fun way to add to your girl's bedroom décor while providing much-needed extra seating.

In my experience staging properties, I've found that pink is a very forgiving color, as adding varying shades from hot pink to pastel adds to the successful layered look without second guessing. Too, you can pile on the pink without it being overwhelming--unlike other colors.

Adding a cool or cute upholstered pink chair to your girl's room makes for the girly-girl look you're after and creates her own little nook where she can relax with a favorite book or chat on the phone.

Scroll down for a look at kids' pink to hot pink upholstered, accent and swivel desk chairs your girl will love, as well as some great ideas for creating that cozy nook. And it all starts with a pink chair your girl will flip for!

Image credit: The upholstered pink polka dot chair for girls shown here is available below.

Kids' Pink Polka Dot Upholstered Recliner Chair with Cup Holder for Little Girls' Room

Kids'' 4-Button Pink Upholstered Multi-Position Recliner Chair for Little Girls' Bedrooms

Kids' Round Upholstered Pink Polka Dot Chair for Little Girls
Kids' Round Upholstered Pink Polka Dot Chair for Little Girls

Taking the Edge Off Your Space

Round Pink Polka Dot Chair for Little Girls

There's only one regret with this too-too-cute round chair with pink polka dot upholstery and sweet accent pillow: it doesn't come in a larger, adult size!

Kids' bedrooms need all the attention to detail as any other room's décor. Too, the same decorating basics apply when furniture placement is involved.

Often, we have mostly--or all--liner furniture pieces. All those straight lines can make for one rigid-looking space, especially in kids' rooms. Adding round pieces like this fun little chair will help break up the rigidity the other furniture betrays and helps relax the overall appearance of your girl's bedroom.

Click on the chair's image to see its details.

Kids' Light Pink & Zebra Print Upholstered Princess Sweetheart Chair for Toddler Girls

Kids' Upholstered Pink Polka Dot Princess Chair for Toddlers & Little Girls Room

Gund Princess Throne Chair
Gund Princess Throne Chair

Little girls often gravitate toward a pink princess theme when given a choice of bedroom decor. Luckily, there's no shortage of themed pieces like these too cute princess chairs to add to her new space.

Be careful not to overdo it on themed decor; I'd add several plain pieces to every one princess element.

Using larger themed decor and furniture pieces make the best impression versus too many little knick knacks strew about the room. Doing so may create a busy, cluttered look--not what you want when your little girl needs to wind down for the evening!

Remember, less is more when decorating in theme.

Aren't these pink princess chairs adorable?

Little Girls' Pink Polka Dot Upholstered Chair and Ottoman Set
Little Girls' Pink Polka Dot Upholstered Chair and Ottoman Set

Pulling it All together for a Cozy Nook

Little Girls' Pink Polka Dot Upholstered Chair and Ottoman Set

You'll need more room to accommodate a chair and ottoman set without the pieces looking pushed together--NOT the look you're after!

This cute, toddler-sized chairs has plenty of padding and the ottoman is appointed with matching upholstery. Place your girl's new chair in the most visible corner for a great focal point.

I suggest adding a nice floor lamp or simple chandelier in a contrasting pink, helps build upon that layered look decorators love for a successful finish.

With a few coordinating pieces, you've a great fix for an otherwise, bare corner.

Click on the chair's image to see the details.

Little Girls' Bedroom Pink Gingham Fuzzy Upholstered Rocking Chair

Pink Polka Dot Upholstered Rocking Armchair for Little Girls' Rooms

Rocking chairs are a great way to pacify little girls, especially when they're overdue for a nap. Like recliners, you'll need to consider your space behind the rocker to accommodate movement. I'd place either of these chairs in quiet corner or similar space where your little girl can unwind with a book.

One thing I felt was important to teach my own kids was teaching them to quiet or soothe themselves and having a place just for this purpose is crucial. Later, your girl can use this valuable, early-life experience again and again for more 'serious' issues.

All those benefits from one little chair. Who knew?!


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