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Pink Curtains: Ready Made Curtains For The Little Girl In You

Updated on April 22, 2011

Whether you are five years old or pushing sixty, pink curtains are always a popular window treatment for women of all ages. They love how it makes them feel, and the way they look draped across their bedroom window. Young single women adorn their first apartments with pink gingham curtains to create the princess like décor they always wanted as child, and even grandmothers still hang them in their kitchen to keep as a reminder of their youth and femininity. Whatever the reason, a woman will try to find an area in her home to decorate in pink to appease that little girl deep down inside her.

Pink Curtains Photo

Pink Curtains For Little Girl In You
Pink Curtains For Little Girl In You

Hot Pink Curtains

The consumer market caters to this huge drapery following, and provides just about every conceivable shade of pink, and style of curtain known to the world. Someone can actually spend up to two thousand dollars on pink drapery for just one window. Designers have used this shade for decades and now that the niche industry of shabby chic is in style, it comes out in interior décor even more now than one can imagine. Women, who crave to make their master suite into an adult version of the Barbie Malibu mansion, will go to any length for that perfect color and design theme that transports them back to another time.

Pale Pink Curtains

It is not just pink, but hot pink, fuchsia, magenta, and neon pink. Even a pale pink can find it’s way into a bathroom’s window covering or shower curtain. There is a shade of pink for every personality or décor need that anyone can conceive. Matching pink rugs and pink bedding can throw her into a frenzied state of, “I am the princess, hear me purr”. You will even see some empty nester moms; redesign their child’s old bedroom, into a reading room cascaded with that mixture of red and white that defines their inner child.


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