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Pink Kitchen - Hot Pink Kitchenware

Updated on November 8, 2011

A pink kitchen allows a woman to show her softer, more feminine side.

Kitchen's generally become a woman's domain - whether or not a woman intends things to be that way.

Still, if the busiest room in the house is to become our sole responsibility, then so be it. Pink it is.

Henceforth all men and offspring shall sit and eat dinner from pink dinnerware, atop a pink tablecloth, cooked in pink pots and pans.

Pink utensils will have been involved, as well as the odd pink kitchen appliance.

And ... and ... joking aside, it is incredibly easy to pink up your kitchen. Especially if you happen to shop at the biggest online shopping mall on the internet - Amazon.

Pink Kitchen

Pink Kitchenware

So you have a pink kitchen - or would like one. Well, all roads lead to Rome.

And by the same token, when you think pink, you'll find pink. Amazon have a stunning array of kitchenware that come in various shades of the archetypal color of girl.

From hot pink to fuschia, bubblegum colors to muted, soft and feminine pastels, there's a wonderful array of tones within the pink color spectrum.

Whether you need a set of kitchen canisters or a beautiful new dinnerware set, you'll not be disappointed.

On Amazon, you will find the following items - and more - in this fabulously feminine color:

  • kitchen appliances
  • cutlery
  • placemats
  • linens
  • kitchen canister sets
  • floor rugs
  • wall art
  • dinnerware
  • utensils
  • bakeware
  • glasses
  • and much more

The list is almost endless. Which means that you have a wealth of choice at your fingertips.

Pink Kitchen Appliances

By far the most popular and best selling pink kitchen appliances are manufactured by KitchenAid and Cuisinart repsectively.

The best selling from the KitchenAid stable is the KSM150PSPK Komen Foundation Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer.

Besides the attractive color, it's a fully functional mixer, capable of withstanding some serious baking and cake creating, as well as being a fantastic way of helping to promote breast cancer awareness.

Cuisinart deliver just as effortlessly by way of various different small kitchen appliances.

Their most popular appliance is the DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, a set it and forget it coffee machine.

Again, another best selling product with a charitable foundation. What could be better than buying pink kitchen appliances, not only because they suit what you're looking for but because they also support a worthy charity?

If you'd prefer something a bit hotter, Dualit produce a range of small appliances fit for a pink kitchen but they're a fair bit pricier that either KitchenAid or Cuisinart.

Still - that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy. It simply means you should contrast and compare. And then buy!

Pink Kitchen Accessories

Using pink kitchen accessories will enhance your overall theme.

This is where you really can have a lot of fun. You can purchase anything from measuring spoons and can openers, to tea kettles and ice cream scoops.

The tones range from muted to hot and sassy, allowing you a broader spectrum to from from.

There's a good selection of bowls and storage ideas, as well as linens and kitsch style kitchenware.

The best selling in this catergory are the KitchenAid Cook For The Cure measuring spoons, featured above right.

Pink Kitchen Utensils

Adding pink kitchen utensils to your kitchen is a largely inexpensive exercise.

Most of the prices are great for those on a budget and they certainly won't blow a whole in your bank balance.

The trick is to buy functional yet aesthetically appealing pink products. Which really isn't all that difficult.

A set of spatulas, a pair of scissors - maybe a utensil holder or two. You'll soon have quite the collection going on.

The next most popular and best selling from the kitchen utensils collection is anything from the Calypso range.

All their products are finished in a lovely, soft, pastel pink and will make a great addition to a retro 50's style kitchen.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A fine example. Just inject pink where there is red.
A fine example. Just inject pink where there is red.
A fine example. Just inject pink where there is red.

Retro Kitchen

Now - let's talk about a retro kitchen. Using pink as a theme, it's a great look for modern kitchens.

Simply due to the color and design of many of the pink kitchen products available on the market, creating a vintage, 1950s retro look is incredibly straightforward.

First of all, if pink is your ideal color - don't apply it to the walls. Let your appliances, utensils, wall art and other furnishings become the focus point.

Keep your walls muted and neutral. Instead, hang some vintage prints, in keeping with the era you're aiming for.

Choose a retro clock and vintage style window décor.

If your aim is the 50's, the hue you should choose is pastel pinks. It was the 60's when hot pink finally arrived.

Many of the small appliances produced by KitchenAid, Cuisinart and Dualit already have a definite retro appearnance and would be perfect for your theme.

Keep the furniture simple: vintage furniture tended towards a basic ergonomic design, often tubular steel and a rounded square padded seat and back.

Pay attention to the small details - rounded edges and chrome or a wood and . Linens and aprons were on view - and used.

There is a lot of information available on the internet, lots of hints, tips and ideas.

A quick browse should help you discover the perfect retro kitchen look for your home.


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    • FullOfLoveSites profile image

      FullOfLoveSites 4 years ago from United States

      I super love the retro-styled kitchen featured there. I wish I could have that. Also loving the pink theme. They're not only functional but they're also eye candies as well! :)

    • aleida_77 profile image

      aleida_77 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Another great hub of yours. Love the pink theme.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Hello Heloo - thankyou :)

      Paradies - I love the red kitchen too, very stylish and retro :)

      drbj - I'm not one for thinking pinkingmyself but I sure know a lot of women that are. I even know a couple of boys that have a thing for pink ;)

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      OMG, Froggy, you have found yet another way to exploit America's housewives and cooks of all persuasions - pink pots and pans and knives and fans - a multitude of items all in pink.


    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Love that pink blender, also the picture of the kitchen done in red.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      Great hub and well put together. Thank you.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 8 years ago

      Hey wesley :) Now you know you're cool with your masculinity ... treat yourself to some lovely pink kitchen ware ;)

    • wesleycox profile image

      wesleycox 8 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

      Though I absolutely love pink, not in a gay way, I don't think I'll have any pink spatulas in my kitchen. I like the manly black and stainless steel theme. Great hub and great selection of accessories. Take care.