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Pink Wall Stickers - Pink Wall Decals

Updated on August 31, 2011

Pink Wall Stickers - Fun Decorating Ideas

See below for a lovely selection of the best pink wall stickers around. If you want to update existing decor, or if you are decorating from scratch, these wall stickers can instantly transform a room in a matter of minutes!

By using pink wall stickers you are getting great wall graphics with minimal effort, you simply peel and stick! It couldn't be any easier. This is a great way of decorating as you can do so much with wall stickers. It's also an excellent way to get creative with your decor, you can use as few or as many pink wall stickers as you choose, different shapes, different sizes, different pinks. You simply postion them where you choose, then you're done!

Pink Wall Sticker Designs

Pink is a gorgeous color that works well with lots of others, if you have a room that is painted a solid color, adding pink wall stickers will have the most striking effect.

Don't forget that these wall stickers aren't just for walls, you can use them on any clean, smooth surface, so you can easily customize furniture with them. A really cool effect is when using them on kitchen cupboards, you'll have a totally unqiue look. Another idea is to use them on a wardrobe, storage chest, you get the idea. Using these stickers is a great way to get a contemporary look that no one else has.

Aside from the fact that they look cool, the ease of using wall stickers is a major bonus. Simply peel and stick in the postion you choose. You've instantly updated your decor!

Depending on your personal style and tastes, you could be quite minimal with this look, or you could be totally eclectic, mixing and matching different shades, shapes and sizes. It's all about being creative without much effort at all.

You could get some great looks using pink wall stickers, use them as a border, make a feature wall, highlight a corner, there's just so much that you can have fun with.

You don't have to be remotely interested in interior design, you don't have to be great at decorating to use these wall stickers, it's an absolute cheat really, how can you get such great effects with such little time and effort?! Well you can, choose your pink wall stickers and in a matter of minutes after they arrive you will have updated your decor with contemporary design! Simple.

There's more pink wall sticker shapes to choose from below.

Pink Wall Stickers - Quotes and Ltters

If you want something a bit different, you could always opt for a text wall sticker. These are more for feature walls and you could of course choose to add some of the shaped pink wall stickers around them in a design.

You can choose either a pre-made quote or go for the individual letters to make your own. This is especially good for kids rooms, customization is key.

Whichever kind of pink wall sticker you choose for your decor, you can be sure that your room or rooms will look instantly updated and refreshed.

Using wall stickers is the most simple form of decorating, if you are considering using them but aren't sure, go for it! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to transform a room with them.


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