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Planning the Move: How to Keep Your Children Involved

Updated on November 5, 2015

Moving to a new house or apartment is always an overwhelming, time-taking and challenging task, each step of which should be planned in advance. This is because there are lots of things you have to consider in order to succeed with the task. As a rule, parents often complain that their kids, who are extremely excited about what is going on in the house, distract their attention, thus preventing them from focusing on this significant process. If you are just about to move to the new dwelling and do not wish to face this situation, keep in mind the following recommendations that will help keep your children busy.

Getting your kids involved in the moving process helps avoid stress and anxiety
Getting your kids involved in the moving process helps avoid stress and anxiety

Get Your Kids Involved

If there are babies in your family, you will probably have to watch them carefully during the whole moving process. This is required to prevent them from getting into trouble, because there are many situations you may overlook when lots of things are scattered around the house. However, if your kids are older, there are many ways to make then interested in the move. The best way, though, is to get them involved in all the stages of the process.

It is not a secret that children like to participate in everything adults do. This concerns the move as well. So, even if your children do not wish to change the dwelling, they would still feel better if you manage to explain the importance of this step and make them feel an important part of the whole process. If you are lucky to do that, you will notice how excited and pleased they will be to help you pack the things and do other things you will ask them to.

Ask Them to Put Down the List of Essentials

There are many things you will take along during the move, so it is essential to note down all of them. This will make the unpacking process much quicker and easier by reducing the risk of forgetting something. As a rule, adults don’t have time to note down all the items they pack into the boxes. Being pressed for time, they frequently underestimate the importance of this step, which is definitely a huge mistake. So, why not ask your kids to follow your steps and write all the packed things down? It makes sense to have several sheets of paper at hand to be able to note down all the things contained in each separate box. As soon as you are done with the task, ask your children to stick the pieces of paper to the required boxes. This will help you memorize what items are contained in each box.

Help your kids pack their things
Help your kids pack their things

Encourage Them to Pack Things Themselves

Children, who have already turned 10 years old, are able to pack their things on their own. To keep them busy, you can ask them to do that several days before the official move date, so that you could personally control the process. However, children always wish to pack everything they have and don’t like to leave something at home, even if they don’t use these things anymore. The best way out in this situation is to explain them the necessity to pack only those things they will use in a new house. If possible, take your time to separate all the belongings of your kids into three boxes:

  • things they will take along
  • things they will throw away (broken toys, for example)
  • items they will present to their friends or donate (these are mainly the clothes they don’t wear anymore, the toys they don’t need, the books they have already read etc.)

This step will help reduce the amount of things they will have to pack. As far as this process is not an easy one, you should control it and provide your kid with a piece of advice in case of necessity.

There is one more aspect that has to be considered here. It is definitely impossible to unpack all the things you will transport to the new dwelling right from the start. So, it is reasonable to pack another bag, where the essential clothes, food, toys and other belongings will be kept. If you feel that your son or daughter is not able to do that alone, take your time to help him/her choose those things he/she will need at the new place.

Ask Your Kids to Label the Boxes

Children love labeling the boxes and are always eager to do that themselves. So, if you wish to keep your kids busy, why not ask them to help you this way? However, do not forget to explain them the scheme you stick to. Thus, if you use any color labels or codes, let them know the meaning of each color. If there are any numbers or other rules you follow, make sure they know them as well. Underline the importance of labeling not only the tops of the boxes, but their sides as well so that it would be easier for you to sort out things in a new house. Besides, if you hire professional movers, like Moving Household, for instance, labeling the boxes will help them know, where the fragile things are kept. As a result, they will pay more attention to these boxes during the transportation.

As you see, there are lots of different ways to keep your children involved during the move. These actions will help your son or daughter feel needed in such a serious and important process. Good luck!


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