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Plant Moss In Your Fairy Garden

Updated on November 6, 2014
Virginia Allain profile image

I find fairy gardens enchanting and work the fairy figures and petite plants into my miniature landscaping. Join me, it's lots of fun.


Lay Down A Carpet Of Moss In Your Fairy Garden

Moss is an important foundation plant for your fairy garden yet most people don't pay it much attention. To most people, moss is just something that grows on the north side of trees, or coats the slimy edges of ponds and ditches. Most people, when they find moss growing on their property, consider it a nuisance and get rid of it.

But moss does play an important role. First and foremost, it acts as a protective groundcover in your fairy garden, helping the ground retain moisture longer to keep your flowers from wilting in the heat. This is especially important when you're planting your miniature gardens in containers because container plants require more water than those planted in the garden.

A lot of the miniature flowers used in fairy gardens are fragile and can't take the heat. They, too, benefit when moss is used to help retain moisture.

It's the woodsy appearance of moss, though, that makes it so popular in fairy gardens. When we see moss we think of the woods and nature - and that's where fairies feel most comfortable. So using moss to make your miniature garden more attractive to fairies only makes sense.

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Gold Tip Fern Spike Moss - for a fairy garden

Gold Tip Spike Fern Club Moss Plant - Selaginella -3" Pot-Terrarium/Fairy Garden
Gold Tip Spike Fern Club Moss Plant - Selaginella -3" Pot-Terrarium/Fairy Garden

Frosty Fern Spike Moss

Yes, this unique groundcover is classified as a Lycopod, a relative of moss, and it has the same moisture retaining properties as its cousin.

Plant frosty fern spike moss around the edges of your fairy garden to give the appearance of small shrubs.

This moss grows best in indirect sunlight which makes it great for use in container and terrarium fairy gardens.


Use Moss To Sculpt Your Fairy Garden

If you really want to make your fairy garden look like a miniature, magical habitat, you can use moss to create a picturesque landscape.

Moss doesn't require much in the way of good soil conditions. In fact, it needs moisture more than it needs soil.

Irish Moss

Outsidepride Irish Moss - 5000 Seeds
Outsidepride Irish Moss - 5000 Seeds

Irish Moss

Irish Moss grows well in full sun to partial shade and it doesn't have any special soil requirements. So it's the best moss for just about every fairy garden because it's so versatile.

Plant these seeds after all danger of frost has passed and you'll see moss sprouting up within about 3 weeks.

Reaches a height of only 1 or 2 inches so you won't have to keep trimming it back to maintain the appearance of your fairy garden.

Irish Moss provides the perfect backdrop for all your miniature garden landscapes.


Cover Even Stones or Bricks with Moss

So you can use stones or old bricks to build up rolling hills and valleys and add texture to your miniature landscape. Then just cover everything with moss for the appearance of a lush, green landscape.

Some types of moss have tiny, delicate flowers, too, which make them the ideal choice if you want to have a meadow for your fairy unicorns to play in.

Use different varieties of moss to accent your different flowers and plants and add more visual interest to your garden. Although, with all those fairies lounging around, your garden's already going to be pretty exciting!

Terrarium Moss Kit - to start your mossy fairy garden

Terrarium Moss Kit
Terrarium Moss Kit

Terrarium Moss Kit

Check the price on those premade miniature gardens and you'll see why it's a better idea to just create your own magical fairyland.

When you're using terrariums and containers for your fairy gardens you don't always need large amounts of moss but you do want some variety to add color to the landscape.

This kit solves all your problems. You get several colorful varieties of moss to use for moisture retention in your terrariums and containers, you don't have to wait for it to grow, and you save tons of money in the process.


Get Ideas for Using Moss in the Fairy Garden - YouTube Video

Living Moss - Great For Bonsai, Terrariums - and fairy gardens

Living Moss - Great For Bonsai, Terrariums
Living Moss - Great For Bonsai, Terrariums

Living Moss

You rarely see living moss when you visit your local nursery or garden center, but it only makes sense. You can buy all your other plants and flowers live, why should you have to wait for Mother Nature to take over and start sprouting those moss seeds?

Put your fairy garden terrariums together today with this living moss and save those seeds for the garden.

If you're only going to use a little, you can leave the rest right in the pot it comes in and grow it on your windowsill. You'll always have moss on hand for all your container gardens. Just remember to keep it moist and mist it every day.


Golden Carpet Sedum for the Fairy Garden

200 GOLDEN CARPET SEDUM Acre Gold Moss Stonecrop Flower Seeds
200 GOLDEN CARPET SEDUM Acre Gold Moss Stonecrop Flower Seeds

Golden Carpet Sedum

You can plant Golden Carpet Sedum anywhere and it doesn't mind at all. It's not the least bit particular about soil or water conditions, which means you can use it under a tree or at the very edges of your garden.

Reaches 2 to 3 inches in height, another good indicator that this is a groundcover the fairies will love.

Has tiny yellow flowers all summer long to add some color to your miniature landscapes.


More Mosses for the Fairy Garden - Choose Your Favorite or Get Some of Each

These are delightfully plush and green if you place them in a shady spot and mist them now and then. Just right for any pixies or fairies to lounge around on in the garden or in your container miniature-landscape.

Patience Fairy Waits - Mixed Media Poster by evergreenwood
Patience Fairy Waits - Mixed Media Poster by evergreenwood | Source

© 2012 Virginia Allain

Is your Fairy Garden outdoors or in a container?

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    • ashleydpenn profile image

      ashleydpenn 4 years ago

      Sedum is a great idea! I love mosses. In Finland we have some beautiful Arctic mosses. I might also throw camomile into the mix. Any 'baby's tears/mind your own business'.

    • profile image

      mina009 5 years ago

      Loved searching for moss during my long walks in the forest as a kid. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      It sure would be fun to receive a box of moss in the mail for a fairy garden...its just not complete without it!

    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 5 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      My fairy garden is on my apartment patio :)

    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      I have a lot of moss in my garden - two different types - it looks so pretty.

    • profile image

      Terrie_Schultz 5 years ago

      I just love moss! I hope to have a fairy garden someday.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I love moss and no true Fairy Garden would be complete without it!

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 6 years ago from UK

      I seem to grow moss naturally in my pots and lawns, in fact I can't get rid of it so I just accept it. I am glad to see it can have some benefit in the pots. I also grow a few bosai which I have had from seedlings, it (the moss) makes the plant/container look much better. Pity about the lawns tho', LOL