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Horticulture - the Art of Garden Therapy

Updated on July 29, 2014
thoughtfulgirl2 profile image

I have a deep interest in nature, gardening and sustainability. The local arboretum is my universe of learning and my garden is my lab!


Life can sometimes become exceedingly complex. This is why I garden. It is simple, elemental, joyful, interesting and surprising. There is magic in your back yard, trust me! The pictures which I am posting to this hub are of things I have grown and nurtured, or, of the many gardens I have visited and other aspects of the changing seasons.

If you take a moment and walk into a garden, things become clarified in a way that is hard to explain. Whatever has been bugging you seems to just straighten itself out, just like the kinks in your back. The more you work the soil, the answers to your questions seem to reveal themselves without you even noticing. Yes, I think I would call that magic. Gardens are funny too, they have their own mind. They do what they want, despite someone else's determined desire to control them. They have no idea what a boundary is; they are the true free thinkers of the world.

I really enjoy the stark beauty of winter and the fireworks of fall. To me there is alchemy in how a bit of pure white snow can show a seedpod to its best advantage or, of how the colder it gets in the fall, the more vivid the fall colors become. You can really appreciate the logical order of how things grow even in the coldest parts of winter. Winter is the teacher; summer and spring are the reward for a lesson well learned. Happy gardening to you!

"Blue Beauty" photographed by author and can be found as prints at:
"Blue Beauty" photographed by author and can be found as prints at:


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    • thoughtfulgirl2 profile image

      thoughtfulgirl2 5 years ago from East Coast

      Thanks tybell, I always go out to my garden just to get my priorities straight.

    • profile image

      tybell 5 years ago

      what an awesome essay. Gardening to me is therapy. When I can't control downfalls in life, I go to my garden and it talks and whispers positive thoughts in my head. I think more people should start gardens, the world would be better for it and people might be a little or more happy for it.

    • thoughtfulgirl2 profile image

      thoughtfulgirl2 6 years ago from East Coast

      To Maximohdez

      Can you tell gardening is something that really fulfills me? Good luck in your gardens and thanks for looking in.

    • profile image

      Maximohdez 6 years ago

      Thank you for your honest statement regarding gardening and how important it is for all of us. I like your idea that gardens "have their own mind." I have been gardening and actually had never thought of that before of that, but I agree with you on that.

      I have also been gardening for many years and couldn't even think of living the rest of may days without having a garden to grow my favorite plants, nurture them, and then take full advantages of my efforts.

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