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Is Plastic Fruit a Good Choice?

Updated on March 26, 2010

People who want to give their homes an unique touch have several tools to use. They can gorwn a plant in an indoor pot, they can have artificial topiaries and there are too many options on the furnishings to even mention. Should you go for that "put-together" look of your home you will sooner or later run into the clean table problem.

The table is a focal point of the kitchen and as such naturally attracts the eye. If it's just a large clean surface it breaks the flow of the room and is therefore to be avoided.

If you eat healthy foods and succeeded in pushing it through the family meals you will most probably have a fruit or vegetable rack on the table so that everyone who enters the kitchen will have the urge to pick one of these fresh fruits.

This Plastic Orange Looks Like the Real Fruit
This Plastic Orange Looks Like the Real Fruit

If you have yet to make the transition to raw fruits in the daily meals you can still have that fresh fruit sack look on the center of the table by purchasing a set of plastic fruit.

Now you may be thinking that these fruits are so obviously fake that they will most probably ruin the whole atmosphere of the kitchen, but it is just another reason why you should take a look around on the market of fake fruits. During the last few couple of years the artificial vegetable and fruit business has produced some materials and solutions that look just like the original fruit.

This may be a little contradictory but a composition of fake fruits can put some live into an otherwise gray and boring kitchen. These fruit compositions can be had for $15 to $30 and bear the distinct advantage that they never get spotted or rot silently.

Though they are as close to the real fruit as it is humanly possible, the flies and insects cannot be fooled fortunately. By using a fake fruit bask to put the extra touch into your kitchen you can say goodbye to flies.

There is one thing to note though. Since these fruits are rather authentic looking, they are best kept away from small kids. There might be an instruction on the packaging to keep kids under the age of 18 months away, but its afdvised to extend that to 3 years.

You can teach children the name of fruits using these, but always make sure they're kept out of their reach and are used for educational purposes in the presence and attention of a responsible adult.

Photo used is taken by Mr.Thomas


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    • Richard Thomas profile image

      Richard Thomas 7 years ago

      one of the most impressive plastic "foods" i've seen is the japanese sweet shop in Picadilly (London). Well worth a look!