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Plug In Wall Sconces

Updated on December 18, 2013

Plug In Wall Sconce Decorating Ideas For You

Plug In Wall Sconces add light, function, decorative style, and in some cases a focal point in your decorating plan. This page shows a series of plug in wall sconces to help you to add to an existing decorating plan or to find ideas for your decorating plan for a new update. Be aware. These are plug in or wired lights. You may need assistance in installation by a professional electrician.

Wired plug in wall sconces are preferable when you have the ability to have an electrician install them. Some rooms and circumstances may prevent this (older homes, inaccessible wiring, or if you are renting). So check each item before you buy to ensure it works how you need it to work.

Plug in wall sconces can bring light to a room as well as elegance and designer style decorating. Each item in this showcase has the potential to bring a huge amount of decor to any room where you would like to add the layer of light, function, aesthetic quality, as well as task lighting.

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Elegant Plug In Wall Sconces with Swing Arm

Plug In Wall Sconces Decorating Ideas

Elegant Plug In Wall Sconces with the swing arm give your lighting an added element of function.  You can swing the arm out to shed light on a task area (such as a reading chair or a place where you need extra light when you are going about your daily routine).  

Using lighting for your decorating plan elements is a great way to add function as well as an aesthetic quality you can only get from a functional accent or task light. Plan ahead in the placement of a swing arm sconce by observing your daily routine and what area you would like to have additional adjustable light.

Tiffany Style Glass Panel Plug-In Swing Arm Wall LampCheck The Price

Kenroy Home 30454BH Kwai Wall Swing Arm Lamp Bronze HeritageCheck The Price

Distressed Bronze Mica Shade Swing Arm Wall LampCheck The Price

Bronze Plug In Wall Sconces

Plug In Wall Sconce Decorating Ideas

Bronze Plug In Wall Sconces add an elegant and funtional accent to any room.  The color can be used to add a lighting accent (a glow you will see on other accessories in the room).  With planning your bronze lighting (plug in wall sconce) can be a focal point or an accent.  

You can add something from this showcase into several design plan styles.  Elegant, casual, minimalistic, or tranditional.  The Twigs style makes a great addition to a rustic or eclectic design plan as well.

Saturnia Wall Sconce in Deep Patina Bronze Plug In Wall SconceCheck The Price

Kenroy Home Twigs 100-Watt Metal Wall Sconce with Glass Shade BronzeCheck The Price

Lite Source Wall Sconce Lite Dark Bronze with Fabric ShadeCheck The Price

Glitz Chrome Finish Plug-In 15" High Wall Lamp

This is a stunning plug in wall sconce which will add a great layer in your decorating plan for the lights. A plug in outlet is needed. The lattice design of the shade will shed an interesting light into the room.

Best in rooms where you are not going to need a task light at the location of installation. The lattice isn't the best choice for a reading light for example. But, it is fabulous to add a 'glitz' factor to the room.

Contemporary Plug In Wall Sconces

Plug In Wall Sconces Decorating Ideas

Contemporary Plug-In Wall Sconce selections have a less pronounced style yet upon closer look they are creative.  You can make a statement with the styles in this section, coordinate with other elements of the room (furniture or architecture) and add light as well.  The styles are contemporary, minimalist, great for men or women, and have a simple design with subtle details.  

These are best used in rooms where the light is needed for task or accent.  They are rarely going to be a focal point so they work well in rooms where you have a subtle focal point as they will not divert the eye from more pronouced decor in the room.

Possini Euro Design Circles Plug-In Wall SconceCheck The Price

Possini Euro Brushed Steel Rectangle Plug-in Wall LightCheck The Price

Possini Euro Floating Rectangle LED Plug-In Wall LightCheck The Price

Progress Lighting Black Tri-Band Wall Sconce

One of my favorites for any room, hallway, or theater style room (such as the family room) is the ''Tri-Band'' style.  

As you can see it has the decorating style of an old vintage movie theater and is going to appeal to men as well as women, boys expecially will enjoy this style of light in their rooms as long as there are alternate lighting options for tasks (homework and reading).

Plug In Wall Sconces Decorating Ideas

Adding black plug in wall sconces is a great decorating idea for rooms where black is prevelant in the design style or when you want a subdued light in a room.  These would be best for a night light or mood lighting for example.  

While they are not as bright as the other styles (with lighter shades and designs) they are dramatic and will add interest through the features (design) as well as the light they will put out into a room.  

Progress Lighting P7103-31 Tri-Band Wall Sconce BlackCheck The Price

Lite Source LS-16440BLK Orsen Wash Wall SconceCheck The Price

Ra II Black Shade Plug-In Swing Arm Wall LightCheck The Price

Plug In Wall Sconces with Reading Light

Plug In Wall Sconces Decorating Ideas

When you pair up a reading light with a plug in wall sconce you get two lights in one.  The sconce is going to provide accent lighting as well as space light.  The reading light is going to give you direct light (adjustible direction) so you can point it right where you need it.  Plan ahead.  Install this in the location where you will need task lighting.  You can use it for reading, putting on makeup, working on crafts, or doing a crossword puzzle.  

Think about where you would like to work on any number of projects and set up your chair and the plug in wall sconce with reading lamp to suit your preferred 'spot' to site and work.  In the bedroom it would be a great item to have on the wall by your dressing table so you can direct light to your handheld or standing mirror.   Much easier to put on make up when you have a light source in just the right place.

Wall Lamp Brushed Steel Finish Glass ShadeCheck The Price

George Kovacs Multi-Function Plug-In Wall LightCheck The Price

Access Lighting 70016LEDCHBL Wall LampCheck The Price

Tiffany Style Glass Panel Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Bring a huge element of decorating style into a room by checking all the features of each plug in wall sconce. If you love the Tiffany Style Glass then this is a great item to add to your decor plan. The color schemes in this style of glass are remarkable because you can use any one or two of the colors as a jumping off place to add other colors into a room.

Remarkable in that you can change a few accents in a room without changing out the most expensive investments. A few throw pillows (for example) can change the feel of a room completely each season or holiday.

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  • BuckHawkcenter profile image

    BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

    I want a plug in wall scone by my bed. What a great reading lamp that would make.

  • Wednesday-Elf profile image

    Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

    These wall scones are lovely.

  • DecoratingEvents profile image

    DecoratingEvents 5 years ago

    These plug in wall scones are gorgeous! They make me want to start redecorating for sure!

  • Sylvestermouse profile image

    Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

    I just love wall sconces and the dramatic look they often give to a wall. I also like the idea of lighting an area without having to light up the whole room. Beautiful wall sconces for any room of the house!