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Podcasts About Housekeeping and Domestic Cleaning

Updated on October 18, 2012

Podcasts and Podcasting

Since its inception in 2004 the podcast and podcasting grew in popularity, formats, genres and styles. Now nearly 20% of the population of the United States have at least once listened to podcast and it's well familiar with what the podcast and podcasting actually are. The podcasts range in variety and topics they cover. Some podcasts are just random ramblings of famous celebrities or ordinary people, while others can be providing news and up-to-date information about world events.

Housekeeping Podcasts

There is a podcast for absolutely everything and this even includes housekeeping and domestic cleaning chores. Of course, house cleaning isn't as popular podcast topic as music or technology but there are still handful of podcasts about it. And yet only few people know which are the most popular house cleaning podcasts which they can listen to. Finding podcasts that are specifically for house cleaning and domestic chores can be tough so to save yourself some time take a look at this list.

Home and Family Podcasts

FlyLady, The Simple Mom Podcast, Musing Memories


FlyLady is one of the most popular podcasts for domestic cleaning which is still active and hasn't podfaded as a lot of other types of podcasts. The FlyLady podcast started in 2011 and by now there are more than 200 episodes which is easy to achieve considering that the creators of this podcast sometimes release new episode every day. There are several categories in which each episode is added to. The categories are Grammas Garden, Saving Dinner, Ask MomRN Show, Missus Smarty Pants Fashion Rescue Show. Depending of the content of the episode and the topics discussed in it. The podcasts purpose is to help the audience to balance its everyday lives by giving them tips and hints how to prepare food and cook or how to take care of the garden, and even how to perform house and domestic cleaning chores.

Musing Mommies

One of the most long-standing podcasts around. It's first episode was released back in 2010, but what is more important is that this podcast is still active. The host of the podcast are two moms from Texas which share their personal experience about being mothers as well as housewives. Each episode covers a different topic of the everyday life of these two women so everyone can related to them and their experience. The podcast episodes doesn't follow any particular chronological order so anyone who wants to can start listening to the podcast shouldn't worry that she missed too much episodes by now.

The Simple Mom Podcast

This podcast is produced by the website and it's intended for mothers and housewives. The podcast offers different types of hints, tips and advice for cooking, child care, housekeeping, dealing with family life and issues and relationships. Besides that the podcast cover many additional topics such as music, dating, jobs and careers and so on.

The podcast is still active one but new episodes are released not as frequently as FlyLady for example. Still, every month there is at least one new episode for download. The podcast can be found in iTunes or

Domestic Cleaning and House Organization Podcast

Help Me, Heloise!; Cleaning Inspiration; Organize and Energize

Help Me, Heloise! By Good Housekeeping

Help Me, Heloise! Is a podcast produced by one of the most popular women's magazine in the world The Good Housekeeping published by the Hearst Corporation. This podcast has sadly been discontinued and since 2009 there are no new episodes, and yet domestic cleaners London recommend it very highly . Still, even if podfaded the podcast is still relevant and offers useful guidance and information that can be used by the audience. The host of this podcast is named Heloise and in each episode she provides cleaning tips and tricks for different types of household chores from dealing with carpet stains to eliminating unpleasant odours and smells.

Cleaning Inspiration

Most of the podcast listed above cover a wide range of topics about the housekeeping from cooking to balancing family monthly budget. However, there aren't many podcasts that are only about domestic cleaning or cleaning chores. Well, on the top of my mind I can think of just one. The podcast in question is called Cleaning Inspiration. Sadly, this podcast was short-lived only two episodes which were released back in November last year. Still, it worth checking it out tough. It may inspire you to start your own podcast.

Organize and Energize

This podcast is more about home organization and home organizational tips than home cleaning tips and suggestions but it is nevertheless quite useful and helpful. It provides different types of organizational tips for every occasion like organizing the house, budget, time, paper and just about anything else you can think of. This can podcast can provide the necessary guidance and help for anyone who has found herself overwhelmed by clutter and chaos

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